Success Stories: Pixel, Lucy and Ludo

Kittens in the Window

by David Blostein

That spring we said we’d mourned enough:
Sweet Buttons died, and Muzz the Gruff
Gave little cheer (she was his mother).
A kitten lost? Let’s seek another!
Annex Cat Rescue checked its roster:
“We’ve got a clan that you can foster,
A balcon birth, ‘neath rain and sun.
Shelter them now, and then pick one.”
A squirming, multi-coloured ball:
Who could resist? We took them all —
Just for a while, you understand,
Till homes appear for all the band.
Our children thought they’d gone to heaven,
With pettables increased to seven.

Pixel, Lucy & Ludo

A Painting of Pixel, Lucy & Ludo by David Blostein

So ten weeks passed, and how they grew!
But time it was to thin the crew.
Who were contenders in that scrum?
Five kits plus frisky Meg, their mum.
(A frisky winter she had had:
Each offspring from a different dad!)
First, merry Mouse, of piebald hue,
A one-cat demolition crew;
Ludo, with temperament more staid,
Moved like complacent marmalade;
Lucy — to look at, best-in-show —
A fluffy female calico;

Damian, sketched with lightest touch,
A cameo in butterscotch;
And Pixel, runty tab, aware
He’s born to run — but not sure where.

Alas, we had to think of house:
So Exit manic magpie MOUSE.
Two prioresses in one abbey?
No — Exit MOTHER MEG, grey tabby.
Young couple peeked at Damian:
They loved, they grabbed, and off they ran.
Parting with three was hardly fun,
But how to choose the Final One?
Pixel? Lucy? Ludo? We
Confessed that we adored all three.
And so that winter, in a row
Three kittens gaped at mystic snow,
And teased old Muzzie, who, subdued,
Accepted her adoptive brood.

The census takers count us four
But each of us well knows there’s more.
And as to our familial state:
We’re flourishing — and we are eight.

© David Blostein
18 May, 2001

A special thank you to David Blostein and family for the poem and painting and for welcoming a special place in their hearts and home for Pixel, Lucy and Ludo.

Tawny and Pixel

Tawny & Pixel

Silver Charmer and the Little Innocent

Tawny was a gorgeous 1 year old silver tabby. After being abandoned, she found her way to someone’s porch where she gave birth to 5 kittens one chilly mid-March night. Tawny was extremely affectionate and easy-going — she loved people and purred constantly. The little charmer pictured beside her was nine-week-old Pixel, the last of her litter.

Life of the Party!

Name: Mouse
(at approximately 14 weeks)
Mouse was born March 18; and like her mother, she was smart, affectionate and quick to purr. Don’t be fooled by her formal tuxedo attire: she is also the life of the party — very playful and active and was known to leap straight up four feet in the air!



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