Feature cats: Lucy & Linus

Lucy and Linus are two very special kittens that are searching for a hero. Rescued this winter from a north Toronto colony, these two little sweethearts were saved from a miserable existence of scrounging for food in the cold weather. Lucy appeared to be injured as she was having difficulty walking and was falling over. She was taken straight to a vet where xrays ruled out any broken bones. She spent several days there under observation and had blood tests done to find out the cause of her balance issues. The vet believes that she has CH (cerebellar hypoplasia), a condition that some cats are born with. Lucy will always be a wobbly kitty, but she manages walking and using the litterbox just fine.

Unfortunately both kittens also tested positive for FeLV (Feline Leukemia). Linus is a handsome buff tabby cat. Curious and energetic, Linus enjoys poking around the house and discovering new things. When it’s time to rest, Linus can be found sitting by the window, watching the world go by. Lucy is a beautiful brown tabby cat who prefers a calm lifestyle. Lucy enjoys napping throughout the day, but when it’s playtime, she is full of enthusiasm! She has fun playing with toys on her own, but she gets the most enjoyment from playing with her brother Linus, especially chasing his tail! Though they have different personalities, Linus and Lucy enjoy playing together and can often be found napping side-by-side.

Cats positive for feline leukemia can live normal lives if they are kept otherwise happy and fed a good quality diet. They do not necessarily need additional medications or treatments; in addition to regular vet checks these cats just need plenty of love. We can’t predict how long a feline leukemia positive cat will live – it can be months, 5 years, 10 years, or even 20 years – but regardless of their length of life, giving these cats the most love and the best quality of life during their time with us is the kindest and most rewarding thing that we can do for them. FeLV+ cats need homes and love just like other kitties do. Because the virus is contagious to other cats they must be adopted in to home with no other kitties. Please consider opening your heart to this lovely pair.

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