Happy Tails: Cookie Monster

Cookie Monster, rescued from a feral colony, was far from a monster. He was very shy and what Sky Lamothe saw at their first meeting were only bits of Cookie – a bit of body, a hint of face and a portion of tail.

Sky was looking for a companion kitty for her cat, Finnwin. After his 20-year-old, jet-black buddy Rupert passed away, Finnwin seemed to be lost and lonely. Since Sky’s other cat Jackson is more of a maverick type, the pair was just “tolerating each other” rather than friends.

On the suggestion of the adoption team at Annex Cat Rescue, Sky visited Cookie’s foster home. Although she never got to see the “whole” Cookie and he wasn’t black (the colour that Sky had set her heart on), observing his interactions with other cats at the foster home and talking with his foster mom helped her make a decision. The shy, buff feline was sitting in Sky’s bathroom the next day.

Sky was very careful introducing Cookie to the other residents of her home because rushing the integration process could affect their long-term relationships. Cookie got privacy with a covered bed, food, water and a litter box in the bathroom. Sky left the door slightly open, so Cookie could see out but would still feel safe, and she let Cookie decide when he was ready to come out.

Happy Tail - Cookie first day

Cookie spent the first night in the bathroom, but started venturing out the next day. However, Cookie wasn’t interested in Finnwin, who desperately wanted a buddy; he only had eyes for Jackson, who wanted nothing to do with him! A few days later, though, Cookie bonded with Finnwin, and they started sleeping together and grooming each other.

Happy Tails - Cookie Monster

It’s been a year and half. Cookie has grown into a big cat – much bigger than his older brothers. “My gentle giant,” Sky called him. He has been a great companion for Finnwin, but his relationship with Jackson has both surprised and delighted Sky. “Jackson came from a horrible background and to see them chasing each other around the apartment, playing their little hearts out, makes me very happy,” she said.

Cookie’s relationship with Sky has come a long way as well. He is still a little shy, but he sleeps on her lap and at the foot of the bed. “I knew it would take a while for Cookie and me to build a relationship as he still had a ways to go in trusting humans, but figured we would have years to do that,” she said.

Happpy Tail - Cookie the lap cat

Patience seems to be the key, especially when adding new kitties to the family. Sky took a few months to find Finnwinn and about two to find Cookie. She visited a lot of cats, and talked with the foster families to find out about their personalities. “I think it pays off in the long run to take your time when adopting a cat, especially if you already have one and are looking for a second or third one.” she said.

–Alex Kitayama

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