Happy Tails: Nipper and Tucker

Imagine being separated from your best friend of 11 years? That could have been the fate for Nipper and Tucker had they not come to Annex Cat Rescue.

ACR did not dare to separate these two pals and put them up for adoption as a bonded pair. As they are senior cats, ACR was not expecting a line-up for adoption.

in their foster home

Nipper and Tucker were able to wait comfortably in their foster home and their patience was rewarded.  Eventually the pair was adopted by cat lover Carolyn. By this point, they had lived in their foster home for quite some time and Carolyn believes that the cats and their foster parent grew quite attached to each other. As she picked them up to take them to their forever home, she promised to take good care of them.

Tipper and Tucker

The excellent care began with slowly introducing Nipper and Tucker into their new home. Since Carolyn has other cats, it was important that the pair was introduced slowly so that they did not get off on the wrong “paw”.  “It helped that they can rely on each other when they were nervous,” Carolyn said.

Nipper and Tucker were kept in a separate area of her apartment until they were ready and the other cats were happy to accept them. Carolyn has noticed that Nipper and Tucker have become much more independent than those initial days. They enjoy surveying their neighbourhood from their screened-in balcony, and Tucker, the shy one, has become more confident and loves to be petted. Even as they gain their independence, Carolyn admits that it is always cute to see them curled up together.

best buds Tipper and Tucker

Carolyn, who has adopted through different rescue agencies, appreciates the care ACR volunteers take to screen potential adopters to ensure that each cat finds the right home.

Her advice for anyone looking to adopt a cat is to look at their budget and see if there is room for two cats. “It’s preferable to adopt a pair so that they always have a buddy,” she said.

She is grateful for the work of ACR as she now has two really great cats!

–Jillian Kaster

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