Happy Tails: Sassy (Formerly Checkers)

Checkers aka Sassy

Dear Sassy,

You passed away in July of last year. You were 8 years old and had cancer in your kidneys. Your human family was with you until the very end. You are resting peacefully in the memorial that they built for you in their garden. They miss you very much.

I spoke with your foster mother, Kaitlyn. You were in her care for about a year. She remembers you as a very affectionate cat. If she was sitting down or had time to pet you, you would always find a way to turn it into a snuggle session. Even though your face appeared a bit angry, you were a very sweet cat.

I also spoke with your adopter, Kelli. Your bio in ACR’s “Senior Adopt-a-Thon” caught her attention in June 2014. In her eyes, you were a beautiful cat. From her experience working with cat rescues in Hamilton, she knew that being a senior animal, you faced a harder time being adopted. But she was ready to adopt you. She drove into Toronto to pick you up.

When Kelli first brought you home, you were timid. You stayed close to her and she cuddled you in her lap. As time passed, you grew to become more comfortable in your new home. You developed a special bond with her three year old daughter. Kelli would often find you at the end of her daughter’s bed. Although her daughter was allergic to you, she didn’t care; she loved snuggling with you.

Happy Tails- Sassy

Kelli renamed you Sassy because of your sassy personality. When you wanted to eat in the morning, you would let out a sassy cat meow. If Kelli did not feed you soon enough, you were able to convince her daughter to feed you instead. When guests came over, you would let them scratch your belly all of 2.5 times and then go on to attack their hands and give them lots of love bites.

There are a couple of things that Kelli wants potential adopters to know about senior cats. Senior cats are great additions to homes, especially where the household is quite busy. Senior cats have their personalities fully developed so that adopters will know exactly what kind of cat they can expect to have. Senior cats are also very mellow and just want to hang out and cuddle. You were the perfect example of this.

Thank you for letting us into your life. Goodnight Sassy cat.

–Yin Cai

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