Happy Tails: Bella and Daisy

On her trip back from the gym, Linda returned home with more than just sore muscles. She was on her way home when she happened to pass by an Annex Cat Rescue Adopt-a-Thon. She knew that she was ready to adopt again after her previous cat passed away from old age.

“I was always thinking I would get two cats so they would have each other for company,” she said.

When Linda arrived at the Adopt-a-Thon, Bella and Daisy were the only two left and they were looking for a home that would keep them together.

adoption shot!

Call it fate.

The sisters had come to Annex Cat Rescue after an individual found them in his backyard. He believed that they were left there after the previous owner had been evicted. They were spayed and placed in a foster home.

Bonnie usually fosters one cat at a time due to the small size of her apartment, but it was clear that these littermates could not be separated. When she first brought them to her apartment, Daisy made herself at home immediately by exploring everything. Bonnie gave her some treats and she was good to go. Bella, however, proved to be more difficult.

“She was timid and took her time to warm up to me,” Bonnie said. Unlike Daisy, Bella could not be swayed by food but Bonnie eventually won her over with play time and cat toys.

Bonnie’s biggest success came when Bella exposed her belly for the first time. “It was a long haul to get her to that point. I was petting her one day and she stretched out and rolled over, from there she would expect cuddles after play time,” she said.

Bella and Daisy

The duo was adopted in February 2015 and even though they found their forever home with Linda, Bonnie’s responsibilities would not be over just yet.

Bella and Daisy’s introduction into their forever home didn’t go quite as planned.

Linda’s house was much larger than Bonnie’s apartment. “My idea was to keep them in the dining room and then expand their space, but I forgot how high cats can jump,” Linda said.

Bella managed to find her way into the basement, remove the vent off the dryer and climb into the wall. Linda was unsuccessful at trying to get Bella to come out so she asked Bonnie to come over to help.

“I was in the basement calling her, Daisy was with me and meowing as I called her name,” Bonnie recalls.

After about 20 minutes, they were able to grab her and put her in a room. Bonnie suggested separating the pair so Linda could bond with Bella one-on-one. “All the available hiding spots were a disadvantage for Linda,” Bonnie explains.

Today, Linda admits that while Bella may not be the friendliest feline, she is improving and things are going well. “Bella has her brave moments and will come for a pet before running off,” she said.

Linda is incredibly happy that she adopted the pair as they provide her and each other with company and entertainment.

Bath time

“They lick each other and sleep together; occasionally they had their quarrels but generally they’re good friends,” Bonnie remembers.

Despite being sisters, they are the opposite in so many ways. Their differences are most apparent in their sleeping arrangements. “Daisy will sleep on the bed while Bella will curl up under the bed.”

— Jillian Kaster

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