Happy Tail: Maude

“Ms. Maude is a lovely, chatty and super affectionate girl.”

“She’s our opinionated little love bug, for sure.”

Adoring quotes befitting a diva!

Happy Tails: Maude

“Ms. Maude showed up in a managed cat colony in the west end with her kitten Lucy late last fall.” Jen, a volunteer with the Trap, Neuter, Return Program for Feral Cats, explained. “I don’t know whether or not Maude previously had a home. I assumed they were feral and trapped them for TNR.”

Jen fostered the pair while they recovered from being spayed. Normally, they would be returned to the colony but Jen was deeply touched by Ms. Maude’s lovely, chatty, and affectionate personality.

Ms. Maude deserved a real home and the Annex Cat Rescue helped facilitate her quick adoption.

“It was a week and a half!” Jen exclaims. “The folks at ACR have always been incredibly helpful and supportive.”

Ms. Maude is cherished in her new home. Jen tells us that she has settled in beautifully. These happy endings make her feel like her volunteer work is worthwhile.

“She has all the personality!” Nora, Maude’s new owner, gushes. “Cheerful! Self-possessed! Chatty! Loving! Playful Girl! We are so, so happy she’s part of our family!”

Happy Tails: Maude

Ms. Maude likes to wait by the door when she hears the key in the lock. She yells to be picked up for a long purr-y cuddle and chin-scratch session.

Mischief always lurks on the other side of her demands for affection. Knocking over unattended water glasses, breaking into the catnip, and feeling not an ounce of remorse…these are only some of her misdeeds.

When Maude wants attention, she will scratch the couch knowing that it’s a sure fire way to get noticed. Maude loves to socialize but is no lap cat. She welcomes visitors, but Ms. Maude makes it known to ALL her guests that they are in HER home! Luckily, Nora is quite forgiving of Ms. Maude’s territorial nature.

Ms. Maude is a natural diva. She rolls over in her comfy bed to stretch, pride gleaming from her jade green eyes. Her attitude could be misconstrued as indifference but Ms. Maude is paying her new family the greatest compliment. A truly happy feline expresses their appreciation when they are themselves. Ms. Maude is at peace knowing that she can thrive in the loving home that she has found.

Happy Tails: Maude

Jen and Nora can’t thank ACR enough for seamlessly facilitating the relationship between a foster and an adoptive parent. Jen has been involved in “stray/rescue” for years. She believes that the efforts of the whole ACR team are outstanding!

–Gillian Semple

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