Happy Tails: Jack

A few years ago, Shanley W was seeking a new volunteer opportunity with an animal rescue group in Toronto and was introduced to the Annex Cat Rescue (ACR). She became ACR’s Website Coordinator, which turned out to be a great fit. Not only because she was involved with a meaningful organization, but also because it introduced her to fostering Jack!

Happy Tails: jack

This “total lovebug” was a very friendly and social kitty. “Jack had that locked down. He was great with my dog and my other cats,” Shanley recalls. She also remembers that Jack was constantly being mischievous and adorable.

“He really enjoyed being in the middle of basically anything I was doing – whether it was studying, sorting coupons or trying to drink a slushie in peace.” (As seen below)

Happy Tails: jack

Jack was the first foster that Shanley fell head over heels in love with although she believes that all of her foster felines were unique and special in their own ways.

“Jack just totally stole my heart. I was so set on keeping him, unless the perfect home came along – but I’d set such high expectations, I was quite deliberately sure that no one would meet them.”

This was until Shanley met Vanessa, whose reassuring vibe helped the foster mom realize her beloved Jack was going to the right place. “I knew right away that she was the perfect home I’d been hoping for. Saying goodbye to Jack was so bittersweet, but I knew it was meant to be!”

Happy Tails: jack

As for her favourite part of fostering cats with ACR? Shanley believes that it is: “getting the chance to love a pet who has had a rough go and to be a useful stepping stone on its way to the perfect furever home!”

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