Happy Tails: Miss Evie

There is truth to the saying that good things happen to those who wait. This is especially true for two very special ladies – Miss. Evie and Emily.

Two years ago, Emily went back to school, but her yearning for a feline friend was too strong to wait. Knowing the responsible choice would be to foster until she finished school, she chose ACR. “I was looking at different associations to foster with and found that ACR was the most communicative – you guys are awesome,” exclaimed Emily. However, it wasn’t long before her foster pair Monty and Maxi were adopted, and again she had an empty home.

happy Tails Miss Evie

Many mature cats who suddenly find themselves in foster care or shelters take longer to adjust, causing many people to overlook their unique and lovely spirits. Miss. Evie was not adjusting well to her current foster home – and as her regal name suggests, she likes to be the only lady of the house. Now that Emily finished school, ACR thought the two ladies would both benefit from some one-on-one girl time and the adoption went underway. As for Miss. Evie’s age and personality – Emily appreciated it, “she is 14 for sure and I like seniors, they’re calmer and don’t get into all of my stuff,” she said.

Soon the two were forming quite a bond, as if Miss. Evie realised that Emily was the real deal. “She warmed up relatively quickly and when it’s just the two of us, she’s my little shadow. She’s a kitty masseuse,” Emily laughed. Girl talk is also a daily ritual as Miss. Evie is quite talkative and will summon Emily when it’s bedtime.

Miss Evie

As one would assume, Miss. Evie is a lady of class, leaving Emily alone while she eats, but promptly prances over when she is through. Though she gets one treat a night, Emily explained “she leaves the bag alone, I can leave it open on my nightstand. She’s a little lady – that’s why she’s Miss. Evie”, and just as the Queen Mother has her portraits, so does Miss. Evie – on a magnet, prominently displayed on Emily’s fridge.

ACR gave the heading of ‘Miss’ to Evie when she came to the organization as a title of distinction, and in hopes of a new chapter in her life… a chapter that is now looking pretty swell.

–Brianna Gare

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