Happy Tails: May and June

Why have one cat when you can have two? Especially when they are adorably cute! That is exactly what happened to Jobye when he adopted sisters May and June in July 2015. The sisters are both beautiful calico cats and were only about two months old when they found their forever home.

Happy Tail - May and June

Jobye explains his reasons for adopting, “I was thinking about getting a cat for a while since moving to Toronto on my own, but I was never in an apartment that allowed it. When I moved to an apartment that did, I ended up watching a friend’s cat for a couple of days at my place, and after that, I was sold. The week after, I started looking to adopt one cat originally and I stumbled on June first. Then, I quickly realized she had a sister, May, and wasn’t sure if you had to adopt them in a pair or not and if I was even willing to do so. After setting up a visit with their foster family at the time and seeing them play together, I couldn’t do it – I couldn’t bear to separate them. They were just too perfect together. So, I ended up adopting both of them. And honestly, two cats are not much more trouble than one! I’m glad they have each other as well for the times I’m at work or going out.”

May and June were born in a litter of four. Their siblings are April and Louis (they were adopted together as well).

“I was told that June was definitely the runt of the litter and that May, being the most social one, was paired with her in hopes that it would get her out of her shell,” Jobye recalls.

What was it about these two cuties that made Jobye know they were right for him? “Well, to start, I always liked calico cats, something about the combo of white/orange/black that is just pleasing and cute,” he reveals. After seeing May and June together for the first time and seeing how playful they were and how distinct their personalities were from each other, Jobye felt like they’d be great to have around and he wasn’t wrong!

“It’s been great seeing them grow up so far, and I look forward to seeing them change in the years to come.”

When it comes to personality, May and June are opposites! Jobye describes their differences as follows: “That’s one thing I love about them, despite being sisters, they have very different personalities. May, the white one, is very social and curious. She’ll be the first to come up to any guests I bring to my place, cuddle them right away, ask for pets, etc. She’s always trying to dart out the apartment if I leave the door open long enough so she can explore the lobby. June, well, she’s very anti-social, definitely feels like she was the runt of the litter. It took months before I could even pet her or pick her up. She’ll only let that happen if she comes to you. Even now, she’ll run away from me if I get close. She likes doing things on her own terms and takes a while to even start approaching any guests. While May is out greeting guests, June will be hiding somewhere in the apartment.”

Happy tails - May and June

With any new situation there is an adjustment period. However, not only did May and June settle in nicely in their new home, they have now moved with Jobye and are living in Seattle! Jobye fondly recounts both transitions, “They actually adjusted pretty quickly surprisingly! Within a day, they were exploring my apartment in Toronto and getting comfortable. I had a much bigger place back then, so they had plenty of space to run around. Since I moved to Seattle with them, I’m in a slightly smaller place but the whole move out West went very well. I was able to have both of them in a carrier with me in the cabin (they were much smaller 8 months ago) and no accidents happened. They were surprisingly calm throughout the two flights I had to take. They took a couple of weeks to get fully adapted with the big move (they were hiding in kitchen at first), but by now, it’s their new home.”

Moving, especially when it involves long distance travel, with pets, can be challenging. Jobye remembers one incident in particular. “Bringing the cats through security at the airport in Toronto was pretty interesting. Naturally, you can’t pass them through the X-Ray scanner in their carrier, and I didn’t think of the fact that I’d have to take them out for the scan. So, picture me having to walk through the full-body security scanner with both cats in my arms. It was a pretty funny experience. Luckily, they were so stressed by everything that was happening that they didn’t even attempt to escape my arms as I got scanned.”

Lastly, Jobye has some great advice for potential adopters, “If you’re ever hesitating to get a cat due to a job that makes you move around, it’s not as bad as you think. It’s totally do-able.”

— Theresa Ogurian

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