Sponsor Bronco’s treatments

Bronco, an exceedingly gentle geriatric cat recently brought indoors from a managed ACR colony, needs expensive medicine to manage his cancer. We hope to raise $1,500 to offset Bronco’s vet bills.

Bronco on the street

No one really knows how Bronco came to be homeless; given his warmth to people, it’s likely he was once owned and either lost or abandoned. When Bronco’s colony had to be relocated, his caregivers thought he’d be a good foster home candidate. Routine vetting uncovered intestinal lymphoma which requires daily Prednisolone, a course of chemo every 21 days and ongoing blood testing.

Bronco in his palliative home

Bronco’s foster mom confirms he is a champion pill-popper and his health is perceptibly improving. She says she frequently falls asleep to the sound of his purring. But treatments must continue for Bronco to achieve the vet’s prognosis of two to three years.

Can you help us help Bronco continue his cancer treatment?

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