Happy Tail: Luna (formerly Veronica)

Sometimes things work out exactly as they should. Take Luna, the beautiful, big-eyed, black-as-night cat found homeless and fending for herself and her five kittens in the city’s northwest end in April 2014.

Luna when she first came to Annex Cat Rescue

Fast forward a few months to that September, and Luna could be found exploring her new forever home with adoptive family Elizabeth and Chris, their laundry providing endless hours of entertainment.

The months between Luna’s chance discovery and her successful adoption are proof that fate occasionally steps in to lend a hand.

As Elizabeth recalls, she and Chris wanted to adopt a cat. A Google search brought them to Annex Cat Rescue. There, they were told to review cats available for adoption and to outline their lifestyle so an appropriate match could be made.

“There was just the two of us in a small apartment,” Elizabeth recalls. “We both worked and wouldn’t be home a lot so we didn’t really have the time to care for a kitten. Plus, we were only interested in adopting one cat and Luna was described as best suited to a single cat household.”

Luna loves her own space

Coincidentally, Luna – then called Veronica by foster mom Jennifer and her family and guesstimated to be about 18 months old – was one of the cats Elizabeth and Chris had shortlisted. That was the first sign things were headed in the right direction.

“Of all the cats Jennifer was fostering at the time we went to visit, Luna immediately came over to say hi to us,” Elizabeth says. “Jennifer thought that was strange since she wasn’t particularly social [notably with other cats]. But she was purring and happy to be petted. We liked her, she was pleased with us and it was obvious it would work.”

Long-time ACR foster and cat rescuer Jennifer was crucial to Luna/Veronica’s passage off the street and into a stable forever home.

“I rescued Veronica from the backyard of a kindly elderly couple who feed the community cats on their street,” Jennifer says. “They called to tell me that Veronica had been hanging around for more than a month and that she had kittens.

“When I went over to investigate, I discovered that Veronica had an old flea collar that was far too tight and was digging into her neck. She had clearly been lost for a long time and I suspect she was owned at one point. I postered around the neighbourhood but nobody responded. So, I rounded up Veronica and her kittens and brought them all home.”

Jennifer continues: “Veronica had been slated to move to another foster home – I’d been keeping her and her kittens in a bedroom – but she was scooped almost as soon as her profile was put on the ACR website. She was adopted even before her kittens were. Her new family was taken by Ms. Veronica’s bright eyes and affectionate personality.”

Luna watches bird tv

Elizabeth and Chris – who named Luna after the magical black cat in then Sailor Moon anime series – couldn’t be happier with the outcome.

“Luna is not super-social or cuddly. She likes to do her own thing and she likes her own space. And when she’s in that space, she wants to be left alone. But,” Elizabeth chuckles, “eating is an unusual point.

“With my previous cat, we’d leave food out and he’d graze as he was hungry. Luna seems ravenous all the time and gobbles up all the food we put out. Even though she’s getting an adequate amount of food and the vet is happy with her weight, she always looks at you as if to say, ‘Please give me more food!’ Maybe it’s a throwback to her life on the street.”

Still, what’s one quirk in cat as luminous as Luna? “She loves to sit in the window. Pigeons sometimes fly by and she couldn’t be happier with that,” Elizabeth says. “Her favourite thing to do is chasing our socks around the apartment on laundry day.”

–Kim Hughes

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