Happy Tails: Midnight and Piper (Formerly Rumpleteazer)

Adopting Two Cats Was Better Than One!

Midnight's kittens

In 2015, Mel was actively looking for a cat online and came across Annex Cat Rescue (ACR), drawn in by the fact that ACR cats get placed in loving temporary homes. Mel reached out to ACR by email, interested in the little face of a kitty named Rumpleteazer (above, centre), who goes by Piper now. Mel chatted with Michelle, an ACR volunteer and was impressed by the organization’s feline rescue commitments. She reflects on that conversation, “I discovered ACR’s values reflected mine regarding cats – these were my people.”

Midnight in foster care

After being told that she couldn’t adopt a solo kitten, Mel immediately asked about Midnight who had been in the same foster home as the fur ball formerly known as Rumpleteazer. “Midnight’s story tore at my heart strings a little and I wanted her to experience a nice home too. Michelle mentioned adopting both would be a great idea! In that moment, I hadn’t thought of it, and I was surprised I didn’t! I agreed to meet them both.”

Although Midnight was cautious at their first introduction, Mel says this long-haired black cat was gentle, seeming to like her voice. She described their immediate connection, but also talked about how the first month in her new home was a difficult adjustment for Midnight – hiding under furniture and making Mel worry about her happiness levels. However, little Piper was a great furry friend to Midnight during the transition, sitting with her in her hiding spots.


“Midnight (nicknames: Mama, goofy girl, spooky lady, Mother Bear, Lorelai) isn’t very good with other animals or people. With enough time, she adjusts but isn’t a fan of surprises.” However, Midnight can be very relaxed, sitting beside Mel purring and has also become very trusting. Mel describes her love of ear and back scratches, as well as having her fur messed up. “Midnight enjoys batting around her toys. She will often lie on her back smiling and squirming saying ‘see how goofy I am?’ Her number one like is listening. She LOVES being talked to.”


Energetic Piper also has many fun nicknames – Miss Rumplebum, the Mini Pooper, fluffy bum, Miss Thing, baby cat, Monkey.

“Piper runs on love, playtime and kitten kisses. She needs attention and to be involved in your day-to-day events. She has many words, casually talking to you through your day. ANYWHERE I go in the house, she is there. In the morning, she asks if I’m getting up. I say ‘no not yet.’ She chirps an ‘ok’ and goes back to her bed to wait till it’s ‘time to get up.’ She LOVES endless belly rubs and having her back feet played with. Stick fetch is actually her favourite game. She will bring her stick into every room she goes into. She has never scratched or bitten anyone.”

Midnight and Piper

Mel equates cat adoption to gaining little family members and buddies who always greet you after a day at work. “I also think the responsibility makes you a better person, it grounds you.” Although Mel was not looking for two cats initially, she really emphasizes how adopting a pair was the best decision. “They do love their humans, but they still get socialization with another cat. They aren’t as lonely if you have to step out. Two cats are the same amount of ‘work’ as one. You feed them the same time, you clean litter at the same time, go to the vet at the same time, a friend house-sits both… the only thing that doubles is cuddle time.”

Mel highly recommends pairs. Midnight is about six to 10 years old, which Mel believes is a fantastic age. “They will still be in your life for awhile, and it is nice having another ‘adult’ in the house. They do bring a maturity. I am so grateful for Midnight and Piper and ACR!”

— Kirsten Joy

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