Kitten Socialization Homes

Kitten season is already underway for 2017! We are looking for a few new socialization foster homes. This opportunity will suit experienced cat people with a separate, quiet space in their homes who can take one or more kittens in at short notice. It’s a demanding, yet extremely satisfying role.

kitten foster homes

We need you to understand that these are likely not going to be the cute cuddly kittens you see in social media videos. They are kittens coming in off the street and likely will be terrified of you and may have fleas and other issues such as upper respiratory infections. We will cover de-fleaing, de-worming and vaccinations and well as spay-neuter surgeries when they are old enough. We will also supply you with tips and support.

Some kittens are easy to “tame up”; others will need more time. We urge you to think carefully about whether this role would work for you and your lifestyle. If you’re not sure but would like to learn more, check this page. It will give you an idea of what may be required.

By sheltering and socializing these kittens, you will play a crucial role in them getting in off the streets and on their way to forever homes.

If you’re interested, please fill in our Volunteer Form. Someone will be in touch within 48 hours to discuss further. Thank you!

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