Happy Tails: Toast and Pancakes

Rebecca first became a cat fan while living outside of Canada. She fell in love with a street cat who she named “Knargles” that wandered into her apartment and stuck around. Sadly, Knargles passed shortly after Rebecca returned to Toronto, but there was a silver lining to her brief encounter with the kitty.

“I think that experience opened me up to cats. I am, by birth, a dog person.”

A friend recommended that she contact Annex Cat Rescue (ACR). Rebecca went for it and next thing she knew grumpy old Toast came to live with her. Toast had a sweet little face and beautiful rusty, red colouring. Rebecca was hooked on Toast.

Toast formerly Miss Toes

Rebecca named her new foster kitty after a breakfast food because someone at ACR had misheard her original name (which was ‘Miss Toes’). Rebeccca thought that it was the cutest thing and stuck with the moniker Toast for her furry friend. Some of her kitty’s nicknames include Toaster, Toasteronnegal, Toasty McToaster, Potatoast, Potato-Cat and Toastie.

About a year after adopting Toast, Rebecca got an email from ACR regarding three kittens that needed an emergency foster home.

Pancakes as a kitten

“I was really interested because their names were ‘Pancakes’, ‘French Toast’ and ‘Waffles.’ First of all, I couldn’t say no to three kittens and second of all, I was getting a ready-made breakfast smorgasbord! Frenchie and Waffles (renamed Hector) were eventually adopted, but I absolutely fell in love with my baby-boy Pancakes!”

FYI, Pancakes also goes by Pan-farts, Pannie, Pancakes Bartholomew (that’s when Rebecca is mad at him), Poop-stain (because of the little brown stain on his mouth) and Pansters.

Not everyone is feeling the Pancakes love. Grumpy Toast doesn’t have much patience for Pancakes. Although Pancakes enjoys harassing Toast, Rebecca says that the cranky gal has gotten friendlier towards everyone than she was initially.

Toast and Pancakes

“I’ve caught them on a few occasions sleeping close to one another, but Toast will tell you otherwise. I also have a 14-year-old golden retriever, Kira, who Pancakes is absolutely smitten with! They cuddle all the time and it’s really too cute!”

Pan loves curling up with her doggie friend

Since the beginning, Toast has maintained her quirky habit of sitting really close to your face while you’re sleeping and staring until you wake up.

“She’s also been known to just sit really close to you and stare while you’re watching TV or eating dinner. She’s also taken to climbing onto me while I’m sitting/lying down and kneading away happily at my stomach, only to wander off a few minutes later. She also has a cute way of ‘chirping’ every time she climbs up or dismounts from something,” Rebecca recounts.


Pancakes, on the other hand, is the more chatty and cuddly cat of the house. Rebecca describes how he likes to lie on her neck, under her chin, lick her nose and fall asleep. “One of the best days of my life was when I was sleeping on the couch literally spooning him (he was the little spoon!) for hours!”

The cats both seem to like to get as close as they can. A little while ago, Rebecca had a friend sleep over, who awoke the next morning to find Toast sitting inches from her face, staring blankly.

Toast probably had some social adjusting to do. After all, she had spent over a decade doing her own thing. However, with fun and curious Pancakes around she’s slowly loosening up – even if she’s being a little awkward about it!

The best part of her Kitty Breakfast Club? Rebecca loves that she can give them a warm bed, love and good company.

“My intention was to only adopt one older cat (Toast) but I’m an absolute sucker for any animal. I literally could not say no to Pancakes! Adopting a pet gives them a second chance and the older you adopt, the more fulfilling I believe the experience can be.”

— Kirsten Joy

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