Happy Tails: Wilbur

“He’s the love of my life!” Wilbur’s adoptive mother gushes as she strokes the chin of her brown tabby.

Wilbur is curled on Gabrielle’s lap looking up at her adoringly. “Willy didn’t take any time at all to be comfortable in the house. He was quick to find a lap to snuggle on from his first day at home.” Willy stretches and squeezes his eyes shut. “He is very grateful for his new home,” Gabrielle coos.

Annex Cat Rescue (ACR) rescued Wilbur when he was three years old. Gabrielle has had him for five.

Willy aka Wilbur

Wilbur looks up at Gabrielle. His green eyes glitter with health and happiness. “I told Annex Cat Rescue I wanted the friendliest cat!”

Prior to adoption, ACR informed her of his FIV status. Gabrielle appreciated the brief on his health but it didn’t sway her decision. She was smitten.

“He hasn’t been affected in the least,” Gabrielle assures. “No health problems… at all.”

Willy stretches his paws and snuggles deeper into her lap. “He’s not on a special food! He’s an indoor cat! He’s just a happy and healthy and lazy cat!” Gabrielle smiles.

Gabrielle learned of ACR through Facebook. Her desire to give a home to a deserving older pet has rewarded her with a loving companion who is never far from her side.

“He meets me at the door. And when I go to bed, he runs up beside me.”

Wilbur is a cuddler

Gabrielle cradles Wilbur. He purrs with delight. “He is the most blessedly kind creature and we joke that he’s a cat ambassador: even people that don’t like cats like Willy.”

Wilbur begins to lick Gabrielle’s hand. “He is the most blessed creature!” She couldn’t be happier with her decision to provide a home for Willy.

“You know what you are getting with an older pet. His FIV status has had no impact on his quality of life,” she declares.

Wilbur under the covers

Wilbur remains the social and sweet natured soul who loves to snuggle from their first meeting. “Willy’s foster home told me he was a lover!” Gabrielle cradles Wilbur again.

Wilbur, now Willy the Cat Ambassador, makes welcome of everyone who crosses his path. He is also an emissary of love who comforts Gabrielle and brings joy into her life. “I’m so lucky to have him,” Gabrielle says as she snuggles Willy closer.

— Gillian Semple

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