Happy Tails: Teddy

Carla and Andres initially welcomed Teddy into their home on a temporary basis and found they couldn’t say goodbye, so they didn’t! They formally adopted him a year ago and have celebrated his small victories ever since.

Teddy was rescued by Annex Cat Rescue from a Scarborough colony when he was a year old. He didn’t seem to have had much human interaction before arriving at his foster house. Carla became interested in fostering during a period of job searching and felt she wanted to maximize her time at home by helping a cat in need.

Teddy would hide a lot

This was the couple’s first experience with fostering and they weren’t quite sure what to expect. Annex Cat Rescue volunteers were happy to answer Carla’s questions to ensure a smooth transition. When she was concerned that Teddy was scared and would hide under the bed, they suggested she gently force him out so that he could become sociable, otherwise he would continue to be shy around people.

Within the first month, Teddy gave Carla quite a scare when she came home and couldn’t find him despite searching her apartment. Panicked, she called the Toronto Humane Society to see if a cat matching his description had been picked up. While she was on the phone, out sauntered Teddy from a nook behind the furnace she didn’t even know existed.

Teddy now

Carla became attached and knew she was interested in adopting Teddy, but she had promised her boyfriend, Andres, that they would remain flexible. She noticed that when potential adopters came to visit Teddy, Andres seemed reluctant to let Teddy go. That’s when Carla broached the subject of adoption and they decided together that Teddy would stay.

Carla and Andres were persistent in socializing, and after six months Teddy began to relax. They knew Teddy had made their home his when he went from hiding under the bed to jumping on it.

Teddy now

Now he wants to cuddle every night and follows Carla around the apartment, sometimes making Andres jealous. As the sun starts to go down, Teddy perks up; he runs from one end of the apartment to the other or sits on the screened-in balcony surveying the activity below.

Their advice to anyone — whether looking to foster or adopt — is to be patient. “All cats require something different and just give them a chance to get settled in,” says Carla.

–Jillian Kaster

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