Happy Tails: Halla (formerly Spruce)

Halla is a loving black kitty who started as “Spruce,” while living as a foster with Michelle. Michelle says of Spruce’s stay, “She was crazy, silly, right at home. I think more than anything, she was just so happy to get all the food she can eat and a safe place to sleep! She coddled and cuddled her sister Elm/Little Bean, who we adopted a while back and who sadly recently passed away. It was very sweet.”

Spruce in his foster home

Michelle – an Annex Cat Rescue volunteer who fosters to help keep cats safe until they land loving forever homes – describes how Spruce used to headbutt her brothers and sisters, immediately tipping over. According to the vet, she had suffered some sort of trauma to her spine and developed cerebellar hypoplasia, which made her quite wobbly and earned her the nickname “Wobbles” when she was first adopted by Shannon and Minna. They decided to honour Minna’s homeland of Finland, changing this special-needs kitty’s name to Halla, which means “Frost” in Finnish.

Shannon and Minna were keen to support a smaller organization when it came to adopting their new kitty. They appreciated how Annex Cat Rescue provided info about Halla’s manageable condition, which was very helpful for the pair. They also wanted to help out cats experiencing adoption challenges, such as an older animal or one closely associated with superstition.

Their new furry addition adjusted quickly to her new space and siblings. Shannon says, “She immediately went to eat and had no quarrels at all with her new brother Huey.” She adds that Halla is an attention-seeker who still plays like a kitten that knows she’s adorable. She also loves sunbathing, hide-and-seek and exploring closets.

Halla and Huey

Halla’s progress since they adopted her has been inspiring. “When she came to us at first, she fell quite a lot and had a hard time jumping up on the couch and bed. She is much steadier on her feet now and can easily jump wherever she wants. It is such a joy to see her run and play… she’s very good at running up to the top of the couch and across it. She is a very happy cat.”

Spruce now Halla

Asked what they think is the best part of adopting pets, Shannon replies, “This is a very important question for us. We believe in rescuing animals that have been abandoned as pets. Once an animal joins our family, they are no longer a ‘pet.’ They’re our companion.”

–Kirsten Joy

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