Off the Streets

We’d like to share with you stories of recent rescues and work ACR volunteers are doing within our own colonies and with community members throughout Toronto so you are aware of the kinds of situation ACR has been dealing with. This continues to be another busy year for us.

Here are just some of the cats we’ve been helping this past month.



ACR volunteers have spent many hours in a multi-level noisy and filthy underground garage in Cabbagetown, trying to trap what we thought was the last cat of three adults and six kittens living in very precarious circumstances. They rescued Snow, Ginger and the kittens several months ago but the kittens’ mom Raven has proven very challenging. On one of those many visits, we learned there was yet another adult cat down there. Charlotte was trapped just a few weeks ago, vetted and is now in a foster home. We continue to try to catch Raven.

If you’d like to help Charlotte with her vet expenses, please consider making a donation to ACR.



Thor had been living on the street for more than a year, being fed by kind neighbours. He’s gone blind due to a (likely) feline herpes infection and so he will be staying indoors with ACR once his medical issues are sorted out. Thor just came into ACR last Friday and already he’s been examined, viral-tested and had a cardiogram (as his heart rate was very low). This week he’ll be having his eyes removed so he’s more comfortable and he also needs neutering (which is the smallest of his issues!). Later he’ll need major dental work done. Thor will be with ACR until he’s completely healthy and then he’ll be placed up for adoption.

If you would like to contribute to Thor’s vet expenses, please consider making a donation to ACR.

Cindy and Mona and mom

Cindy & Mona

Seven month-old Cindy, her sister Mona and their mom Candy came from a colony behind an industrial complex. The two tuxedo kittens are very attached and play for hours together. Mona is still a bit hissy with humans but has never tried to bite or scratch anyone. Mom is in a different foster home to get some peace and quiet! She is just over a year and a half old. All have been spayed and vaccinated.

If you’d like to help Cindy and Mona with their vet expenses, please consider making a donation to ACR.

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