ACR Board of Directors

Meet Annex Cat Rescue’s Volunteer Board of Directors for 2016-2017

SkySky Lamothe

Sky first became involved with ACR as an Community Manager in early 2014. Sky’s passions lie in imagining new ways to find good homes for our cats faster and educating the public on feral colonies and TNR. However she is also keenly aware that rescue work is costly and that fundraising is a vital part of the bigger picture. She serves as communications and western colonies’ Board liaison and is one of ACR’s representatives on the Toronto Feral Cat Coalition.

Sky lives with three rescue cats: one who was abandoned, one from a hoarding situation and one from ACR, whose mother is still living in her colony. You may run into her walking one of her cats around the neighbourhood at 6 am in his pet stroller (AKA the “Finnmobile”).

Kim Hughes with FueKim Hughes
Vice Chair

Kim was appointed to the ACR Board of Directors last year to fill a vacancy and was elected this year. This followed several years of volunteering with ACR both as a communications helper (writing stories for the ACR newsletter and website) as well as feeding weekly at two east end colonies – roles she still performs. Kim also serves as the eastern colonies Board liaison.

An entertainment journalist by trade and mom to three former strays, Kim is a long-time cat lover and animal advocate who hopes to one day see cat homelessness end for good.

Sarah McIntosh

Sarah has been volunteering with ACR since 2011 as a foster home and is currently fostering her 19th and 20th cats(!) So far, she’s successfully managed to part with all of them when the right person comes along. She is also a feeder on one of the west end feral feeding routes and you’ll find her helping out at events when she can. In 2015 she was part of ACR’s first ever team participating in the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon Charity Challenge.

Sarah’s “day job” is Manager of Certification at CMC-Canada. She enjoys travelling, reading and a good cup of tea.

Alison RAlison Reid

Alison is a long-time freelance book editor who has always had important cat companions, now two rescues inside and a backyard “feral sweetie”. She became acquainted with feral cats about eight years ago when a young female with kittens turned up in the lane behind her house. Neighbours contacted ACR who helped to TNR but “Mom” escaped. After she’d had another litter, Mom and offspring were trapped. Some of the kittens were adopted but three remain feral. Alison got involved with ACR following the arrival of litter #2. Since then, she and her neighbours have looked after five feral cats from that same family distributed on various front porches and in yards.

Alison’s volunteer work with ACR has been in the areas of transport, fostering and as a feeder in an east-end colony.

Jennifer Moore
Member at Large

Jennifer Moore is an accomplished singer, composer and music educator, whose most recent CD Twig reflects her commitment to the non-human animals in her life, as well as her love for our planet. Jennifer has been involved in cat rescue for over a decade and has been a dedicated caretaker at one of our eastern colonies for six years, where she has trapped and hand captured numerous feral and semi-feral cats when they have needed veterinary care. Jennifer was instrumental in finding homes for all the tame cats living at the colony site (two of the cats live with her to this day) and she has played an important role in creating a mindful colony feeding team that sends out daily reports regarding the cats to ensure we notice if anyone is injured, unwell or missing.

Jennifer shares her home with her much-loved feline companions, all of whom are rescues, a fiesty blind guinea pig and a charismatic red-eared slider.

Laura MLaura Moriarity
Member at Large

Laura was recently appointed to the Board to fill a vacancy and is extremely excited to work with such an incredible and compassionate team! After several years of volunteering with Toronto Cat Rescue in different roles, Laura became involved with ACR a year ago when she took in her amazing (now foster-failed) cat Agent Dale Cooper! She was so impressed with the care, time and effort shown by ACR that after a few months of fostering, she became involved with the Foster coordination team and is continuing that work while taking in the occasional short-term foster cat or kittens.

Laura works in customer support, and Coop and his two rescued feline brothers keep her busy at home (when they aren’t snoozing the days away in their catio!)

MarianneMarianne Premuzic
Member at Large

Marianne became an ACR volunteer four and a half years ago when she started feeding feral cats on the Bathurst-Harbord route. Her first day of training made a huge impression… “I was flabbergasted by how knowledgeable Deborah (the colony coordinator) was about cats! I knew nothing in comparison.” There was a steep learning curve and only a few months later, Marianne became a colony coordinator for ACR’s Kensington colony. Starting out in this role, Marianne was not comfortable with the idea of trapping feral cats. Fast forward four years, Marianne now volunteers as Trap-Neuter-Return Coordinator and has watched ACR grow from having only one trapper to having a whole team of trappers. Her most memorable achievement was taking part in the volunteer task-force that organized and ran the Co-op Cats Spay Neuter Campaign in which 90 inner-city cats were spayed and neutered. Marianne has been appointed to the Board of ACR to fill a vacancy. This is her second time serving as a board member.

Marianne lives in downtown Toronto with her husband Alan and their two furry companions, Micah and Farley.