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Kitten Socialization Homes

kitten foster homes

Kitten season is already underway for 2017! We are looking for a few new socialization foster homes. This opportunity will suit experienced cat people with a separate, quiet space in their homes who can take one or more kittens in at short notice. It’s a demanding, yet extremely satisfying role. We need you to understand […]

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Don’t look past a cat just because it’s not a kitten…

Cats come in all shapes and sizes, from gorgeous ginger to brilliant black. Sometimes, they also come with special needs like daily medication. Some are older, some are timid, some bear the scars of homelessness. What unites ACR cats is their ability to love given half a chance. Don’t look past a cat just because […]

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Help cover Stubby’s dental bill


“One of our beloved colony cats, Stubby, hasn’t been eating well lately so he went to the vet [a few weeks ago] and as we suspected, he had dental issues. Four hours of surgery later (the teeth were fused to the bone from chronic inflammation!) he is now toothless and recovering. Stubby is one of […]

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Trapper’s Night: A Workshop

Trappers workshop

• Have you ever wondered how a cat makes it from the street into a foster home? • Have you ever felt mystified about how to get that evasive colony cat who you have been feeding for years? • Have you ever wished you had more experience so you could trap a sick or scared […]

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The happy truth about FIV+ cats (hint: they’re totally adoptable)


He might not relish the role but eight-year old Winston could be the global ambassador for FIV+ cats. That’s because Winston is both a classic example of how most cats come to be infected with the immune deficiency virus and, more importantly, a persuasive example of just how manageable – normal, really – life with […]

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Sam’s Story

Sam in his colony

Meet Sam. Sam had been living in an Annex Cat Rescue colony for a few years, where ACR volunteers fed and interacted with him daily. Because Sam was so friendly and showed signs of being open to human contact, ACR volunteers decided he would be a good candidate to be fostered and adopted. It can […]

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Volunteer Profile: Erin M

volunteer as a feral feeder like Erin

What’s your story? Why did you first get involved with ACR? I was at the DuWest Street festival and stopped at the ACR booth to buy my own cat a toy. While I was at the booth, the volunteers were so friendly and encouraged me to check out the ACR website. I was hooked when […]

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Volunteer Profile: Anna-Marie J

Buttons and Gidget

What’s your story? Why did you first get involved with ACR? I got involved with ACR after I adopted my Buttons in 2006! Buttons was two years old then and had been dumped. Because of the kindness of a woman who cared so much about cats and the support of ACR, Buttons was rescued, spayed […]

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Remembering Patty Brown, and why her ACR legacy is worth emulating…

There’s a quote often attributed to the great Renaissance artist and polymath Leonardo da Vinci: “The smallest feline is a masterpiece.” Even if it’s not da Vinci’s quote, such a learned man would likely run with it anyway, agreeing that there is something magical—otherworldly even—in the beauty and grace of cats. It’s something Patricia Carroll […]

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Volunteer Profile: Sarah M

Iorek is fostered by Sarah

What’s your story? Why did you first get involved with ACR? I first fostered in university. My room mate and I were interested in having a cat but knew we couldn’t commit to adopting as our living situation was temporary. How are you helping now? What volunteer position are you filling? What does your work […]

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