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Happy Tail: Charlotte


Sometimes timing is everything. An urgent Annex Cat Rescue foster request initially brought Charlotte and former foster mom Sarah together. “I’m looking for an affectionate, cuddly cat to foster,” Sarah told ACR. At that time, Charlotte had been staying at one of ACR’s partner vet clinics and was in need of a foster home. With […]

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Happy Tail: Trixie (formerly Logan)

If I had known when I adopted her just how long it would take to socialize Trixie, I don’t know if I would have done it. I have lived with many cats over the years, and I understood that you can’t bring any expectations to a relationship with a cat. Like us, cats are individuals […]

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Off the Streets

We’d like to share with you stories of recent rescues and work ACR volunteers are doing within our own colonies throughout Toronto so you are aware of the kinds of situation ACR has been dealing with. This has been another busy year for us and now Toronto Animal Services has been forced to temporarily shut […]

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Happy Tails: Moo Moo

Moo Moo all dressed up

Sweet Moo Moo was living on the cold streets of Toronto during the winter, holed up under a shed until he was eventually caught in a trap set by Annex Cat Rescue in March 2017. According to his fosters Woosol and Mike, “We wanted a cat but weren’t sure about the long-term commitment right away, […]

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Happy Tails: Bronco

Bronco enjoyed Alastor's company

Robin “was introduced to the wonderful world of ACR” when her friend posted a picture of Alastor online. Lynn, who rescues cats and cares for a colony in Toronto’s east end, wanted to find Alastor a forever home. With Annex Cat Rescue’s assistance, he was recovering from the amputation of a severely arthritic leg. “I […]

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Happy Tails: Halla (formerly Spruce)

Spruce in his foster home

Halla is a loving black kitty who started as “Spruce,” while living as a foster with Michelle. Michelle says of Spruce’s stay, “She was crazy, silly, right at home. I think more than anything, she was just so happy to get all the food she can eat and a safe place to sleep! She coddled […]

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Happy Tails: Theon and Piper

Piper and Theron

When Julie’s cat Gaia died, her companion Rupee struggled with the loss. Julie and her boyfriend thought that adopting another cat could be an essential part of Rupee’s recovery. That’s how Dusty (who is now called Theon) found his forever home. “It was just beautiful,” Julie says. Theon and Rupee were in love; they groomed […]

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Happy Tails: Agent Dale Cooper


There are photogenic cats. And then there is Agent Dale Cooper, for whom the cat sweater might well have been invented. Of course, before Coop – as he is known colloquially – could pursue his supermodel hobby, he had to be homed. That’s where his “failed foster,” eventual adopter mom Laura came in. Not only […]

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Happy Tails: Momma and Manny

Mommy and Manny at an adoptathon

When Momma and Manny became part of Reggie and Dave’s family, everything changed. “We very quickly became ‘crazy cat people,’” Reggie laughs. “Our iPhones are filled with photos!” But before their beloved feline companions came into their lives, Reggie and Dave thought a lot about what they wanted. “We knew we didn’t want to buy […]

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Happy Tails: Teddy

Teddy now

Carla and Andres initially welcomed Teddy into their home on a temporary basis and found they couldn’t say goodbye, so they didn’t! They formally adopted him a year ago and have celebrated his small victories ever since. Teddy was rescued by Annex Cat Rescue from a Scarborough colony when he was a year old. He […]

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