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Happy Tails: Wilbur

Willy aka Wilbur

“He’s the love of my life!” Wilbur’s adoptive mother gushes as she strokes the chin of her brown tabby. Wilbur is curled on Gabrielle’s lap looking up at her adoringly. “Willy didn’t take any time at all to be comfortable in the house. He was quick to find a lap to snuggle on from his […]

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Happy Tails: Toast and Pancakes

Toast formerly Miss Toes

Rebecca first became a cat fan while living outside of Canada. She fell in love with a street cat who she named “Knargles” that wandered into her apartment and stuck around. Sadly, Knargles passed shortly after Rebecca returned to Toronto, but there was a silver lining to her brief encounter with the kitty. “I think […]

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Happy Tails: Ollie

Ollie dressed up for the Oscars

Ollie’s story starts in November 2015. There were spells of cold in Toronto. No big deal, landlords finally turned on some heat, people put on mittens, started browsing trips to the Caribbean and spoke in length about how cold they got from car to the office door. For Ollie, it was a big deal. The […]

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Happy Tails: Lenny

Lenny and Jamie

Living behind a pizza store proved to be too much of a temptation for a gourmand like Lenny as the pizza diet had taken its toll on the senior cat’s health. When he was rescued by Annex Cat Rescue, he needed to be treated for diabetes. Now in his forever home and being fed a […]

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Wilson the Bunz cat

Wilson on the street

Wilson was first brought to ACR’s attention by one of our social media volunteers when she noticed him in her Junction-area neighbourhood last month. The black and white cat appeared to have an upper respiratory infection and heavily matted fur. We decided to try to get him in for medical attention. We were just starting […]

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Happy Tail: Sidney

Happy Tails: Sidney

You never know how a little comment will change your life. Brian would not have guessed that the casual mentioning of getting a cat, five years ago, would set-off a chain reaction, bringing Sidney into his family. “A friend of mine had a girlfriend who worked in a dentist’s office and she had a patient […]

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Happy Tail: Ramona Flowers

Happy Tail: Ramona

Ask Jennifer the difference between adopting a cat from a rescue and from a shelter and she’ll tell you it’s akin to “having a baby with a GP or with a midwife”. “Midwives are a much better experience,” Jennifer laughs. So too was adopting Ramona Flowers from Annex Cat Rescue via foster mom Elizabeth, who […]

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Happy Tails: Felix

Happy Tails: Felix & Oscar

Aficionados of film or the theatre will quickly make the connection for the names Felix and Oscar. But The Odd Couple moniker doesn’t fit this story well. A better title? The Three Musketeers. Felix, a street kitten who was orphaned after his mother was killed, was being fostered by an ACR volunteer before he was […]

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Happy Tails: Mossy

Mossy in foster home

Stefanie and Bernard were up for the challenge of welcoming a new member into their family and the experience has strengthened their relationship. “We were ready to adopt a pet and she’s brought us closer,” said Stefanie. Even though they both grew up with cats, going through the adoption process themselves would be a new […]

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Happy Tails: Midnight and Piper (Formerly Rumpleteazer)

Midnight and Piper

Adopting Two Cats Was Better Than One! In 2015, Mel was actively looking for a cat online and came across Annex Cat Rescue (ACR), drawn in by the fact that ACR cats get placed in loving temporary homes. Mel reached out to ACR by email, interested in the little face of a kitty named Rumpleteazer […]

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