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Happy Tail: Sidney

Happy Tails: Sidney

You never know how a little comment will change your life. Brian would not have guessed that the casual mentioning of getting a cat, five years ago, would set-off a chain reaction, bringing Sidney into his family. “A friend of mine had a girlfriend who worked in a dentist’s office and she had a patient […]

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Happy Tail: Ramona Flowers

Happy Tail: Ramona

Ask Jennifer the difference between adopting a cat from a rescue and from a shelter and she’ll tell you it’s akin to “having a baby with a GP or with a midwife”. “Midwives are a much better experience,” Jennifer laughs. So too was adopting Ramona Flowers from Annex Cat Rescue via foster mom Elizabeth, who […]

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Happy Tails: Felix

Happy Tails: Felix & Oscar

Aficionados of film or the theatre will quickly make the connection for the names Felix and Oscar. But The Odd Couple moniker doesn’t fit this story well. A better title? The Three Musketeers. Felix, a street kitten who was orphaned after his mother was killed, was being fostered by an ACR volunteer before he was […]

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Happy Tails: Mossy

Mossy in foster home

Stefanie and Bernard were up for the challenge of welcoming a new member into their family and the experience has strengthened their relationship. “We were ready to adopt a pet and she’s brought us closer,” said Stefanie. Even though they both grew up with cats, going through the adoption process themselves would be a new […]

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Happy Tails: Midnight and Piper (Formerly Rumpleteazer)

Midnight and Piper

Adopting Two Cats Was Better Than One! In 2015, Mel was actively looking for a cat online and came across Annex Cat Rescue (ACR), drawn in by the fact that ACR cats get placed in loving temporary homes. Mel reached out to ACR by email, interested in the little face of a kitty named Rumpleteazer […]

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Happy Tail: Luna (formerly Veronica)

Luna when she first came to Annex Cat Rescue

Sometimes things work out exactly as they should. Take Luna, the beautiful, big-eyed, black-as-night cat found homeless and fending for herself and her five kittens in the city’s northwest end in April 2014. Fast forward a few months to that September, and Luna could be found exploring her new forever home with adoptive family Elizabeth […]

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Happy Tails: Martha – Another Diamond in the Rough

Happy Tails: Martha with mouse

“Martha is another diamond in the rough,” recalls Nancy, Martha’s adoptive mother. “She was very nervous when we brought her home. But she’s had a pretty hard life.” Little Martha had been rescued from a cat hoarder three years ago. At the age of one, she had already had a litter but painful mastitis played […]

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Happy Tails: Maddison and Marshall

Maddy and Marshall

Marina, her husband and her younger son were thinking about adopting a cat. Initially, they wanted to adopt one cat. They had heard that the ACR was a wonderful organization and went on our website to browse. They came across Maddison first, read her profile and thought that she might be a good fit for […]

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A Day in the Life of a Cat Colony Caretaker

Caring for homeless cats is the best job in the world and the worst job in the world. And at Annex Cat Rescue – which daily provides food, shelter and medical oversight for 14 cat colonies citywide – it’s a testament to Toronto’s urgent need to address this awful but ultimately solvable problem once and […]

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Happy Tails: Linus and Casper (formerly Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert)

John Oliver and Stephen Colbert

Liz K, a teacher, is the sole female in the house she shares with six adventurous males: her husband, three sons, and two young cats. Among the many kittens born in Toronto in 2015 was the litter of a feral mother living in the city’s east end. Vanessa (Colony Coordinator) and Robin (trapper) caught two […]

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