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Our next Adopt-a-thon will be on Saturday October 22 from 10am to 5pm at our friends Pet Uno, which is located just a few blocks west of College and Grace.  Please stop by if you’re looking for another cat or kitten to join your family or simply to say “hello” and chat with us about the work we do.

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Walk or Run for Annex Cat Rescue on October 16! Mon, 03 Oct 2016 21:31:35 +0000 UPDATE: A private citizen will match any funds we raise up to $15,000! So if we raise $15,000, we will have $30,000 to go toward vet bills. This is amazing news! Please help if you can. Today we are at $12,756 or at 85% of our goal!

some Team ACR members

Last year was our first participating in the Charity Challenge. We were bowled over by the enthusiastic response from our supporters and team members! In addition to the money raised, for which we (and ACR kitties) were very grateful, we genuinely had a great time doing the race and invite you to join our team for 2016! There is room for both casual walkers and dedicated runners. Children accompanied by adults are welcome! Not only will it be fun and for a great cause, but you’ll get a one-of-a-kind ACR team t-shirt and meet some nice people. There will even be prizes. Any team member who raises at least $150 for ACR will be eligible to have their race registration fee reimbursed after the race.

Most of us are doing the 5k walk but you can run the 5k, Half-Marathon (21.1k) or Marathon (42.2k). It’s up to you!

Every Team ACR member will receive a special ACR T-shirt and there will be prizes in several categories (e.g., top fundraisers, best costume, etc.).
To join our team, please email Joanna at so she can get you placed on our team. ***Note: you MUST register for the race using Annex Cat Rescue’s charity discount code in order for us to reimburse the fee.

Don’t delay — join today and help us help homeless cats!

help fundraise for homeless cats

And if you aren’t able to participate this year, you can still support Annex Cat Rescue by making a team donation.

More information on the STWM Scotiabank Charity Challenge is available here.

STWM Scotiabank Charity Challenge

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Happy Tails: Charlie and Pixel (formerly Galla) Fri, 30 Sep 2016 11:20:52 +0000 Fiona and Stephen were destined to take on a cat… or two. The couple had been searching for a pet since losing their beloved cat. Last November at an Annex Cat Rescue Adopt-a-thon, their heartbreak eased with the adoption of Charlie and Pixel.

Charlie and Pixel

At the PetSmart where the Adopt-a-thon was being held, Fiona and Stephen were immediately drawn to Charlie. Fiona recalls that “[Charlie] was clearly shaken up by the unfamiliar environment.” However, once she was taken to a quieter area of the store, Charlie’s personality emerged and the couple were smitten.

The story could have stopped there, but fatefully, an ACR Volunteer advised them that Pixel, Charlie’s kitten, was also up for adoption. Within an hour, the couple welcomed two new family members.

“I’m a strong believer in rescuing cats in need,” says Fiona. Fiona doesn’t support pet stores who monetize the breeding and selling of animals when shelters are full. She is also dubious of where breeders and pet stores get their animals. ”I don’t want to be funding kitten mills,” she emphasizes.

Charlie and Pixel settled into their new home fairly easily. Charlie was timid and hid for a few days while Pixel explored “every nook and cranny and wanted to be best friends with everybody”.

After a few days, Charlie’s initial timidity with her new surroundings dissipated. Unbeknownst to the family, Charlie was the one who quickly assumed the position of “Ruler”.

“She thinks she is the boss of the house! And very vocal.” However, Charlie is also secretly anxious, Fiona suspects. Every half hour she’ll check on the whereabouts of all the family members in the house.

Charlie with her toys

Fiona says that Charlie is “gifted” with “natural acrobatic ability”. “She can do back flips through the air to catch a wand toy!” She loves her toys and will drag her favourites right to you. “Sometimes I’ll wake up and find a pile of toys outside my door.” This is a sign of Charlie’s displeasure of being ignored. “She certainly isn’t shy!” Fiona laughs.


Pixel, on the other hand is laid back and relaxed. She is happy to laze around and watch the world go by. Pixel finds comfort in the strangest positions. She’ll lie on the stairs draped down over two steps like a slinky or sleep on her back with her paws straight up in the air. She is also a very sound sleeper. Picking her up won’t wake her. Most importantly, Pixel is a very compassionate kitten who comforts Fiona when she has insomnia or if she is distressed over a problem.

Charlie and Pixel at the time of their adoption were 1.5 years and 13 weeks old, respectively. Since their adoption, they have brought “life to the house” and greet the couple at the door. They also keep Fiona company at night. “I’m a bit of night owl. They’re two of my best friends and I love them dearly.” Fiona declares.

Fiona and Stephen have long been supporters of Annex Cat Rescue. “I love what ACR does to both re-home rescue cats and control feral colonies,” says Fiona, “I do my part to take in foster cats.”

She advises anyone to “take two”, and most importantly, adopt grown cats when adopting shelter cats. “They have just as much love to give as a kitten would.”

–Gillian Semple

Charlie and Pixie have their very own Instagram account. You can follow them at

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Happy Tails: Emo Sun, 18 Sep 2016 21:00:24 +0000 The amazing 18-year-old who just won’t quit…

Happy Tails: Emo

Most people know what love feels like. But if you want to know what love sounds like, ask Laura a question or two about her beloved 18-year-old cat Emo.

The owner of the “most awesome black cat ever” – who was adopted as a nine-week-old kitten through Annex Cat Rescue after being saved from the streets of Kensington Market – can conjure adjectives for days to describe her fluffy friend.

Happy Tails: Emo

According to Laura, Emo is “playful, chill, precious, affectionate” and “devoted”, not to mention enormously fond of crawling under blankets and prone to bestowing kisses after eating or using the litter box.

As Laura recalls, when she reached out to ACR via telephone in the dark pre-Internet days, she had no qualms about taking on a black cat which, as any feline fan can attest, are easy to love but very hard to photograph.

Laura has a long history with black cats – Emo is her fourth. But Laura was unprepared for just how darling Emo was when she met him at his foster’s home with his rescued mother and another sibling during her quest to find a companion for her cat, Asha.

“My husband correctly observed that he was going to be a very needy cat in terms of affection,” Laura chuckles, “which turned out to be true.”

Emo was a hit with Asha from the get-go.

“Asha was suffering really bad separation anxiety. Anytime someone would leave she’d try and run out the door. When we came home, she’d climb up our legs. Asha was about 10 months old when we adopted Emo. And the strategy worked. They were so close until Asha died in 2015 just a few months away from her 18th birthday.

“[Emo] stayed by her side during her last few days, cuddling and grooming her when she was resting and standing guard beside her whenever she would get up for food and water or touse the litter box.”

Coincidentally enough, Asha was a calico, just like Emo’s mother. “When Emo first met Asha, you could almost see the thought in his head: ‘Oh here’s another mother just like my other mother!’ He wanted to be with her. Now is his first time he’s ever been alone. Maybe that’s why he is so affectionate. He has always been the baby.”

Happy Tails: Emo Happy Tails: Emo

Laura says she wouldn’t hesitate to adopt once again from Annex Cat Rescue.

“Way back when we first met Emo, his foster told us he was the noisiest of all the cats, especially when he was getting fed. At the time I thought it was a strange thing to say but it turned out to be absolutely true. It was good to know that, to have that kind of background on the cat. I got a real insight into his personality, the kind you’d never get from a shelter or a breeder.”

— Kim Hughes

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PetSmart National Adoption Weekend Wed, 14 Sep 2016 19:30:13 +0000 PetSmart adoption event

If you are looking for a new furry family member or even better yet, a bonded pair, please come visit us on SATURDAY only at PetSmart Stockyards (Keele and St Clair). We’ll have a variety of young cats and kittens available for adoption.

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Happy Tails: Jack Mon, 12 Sep 2016 00:26:02 +0000 A few years ago, Shanley W was seeking a new volunteer opportunity with an animal rescue group in Toronto and was introduced to the Annex Cat Rescue (ACR). She became ACR’s Website Coordinator, which turned out to be a great fit. Not only because she was involved with a meaningful organization, but also because it introduced her to fostering Jack!

Happy Tails: jack

This “total lovebug” was a very friendly and social kitty. “Jack had that locked down. He was great with my dog and my other cats,” Shanley recalls. She also remembers that Jack was constantly being mischievous and adorable.

“He really enjoyed being in the middle of basically anything I was doing – whether it was studying, sorting coupons or trying to drink a slushie in peace.” (As seen below)

Happy Tails: jack

Jack was the first foster that Shanley fell head over heels in love with although she believes that all of her foster felines were unique and special in their own ways.

“Jack just totally stole my heart. I was so set on keeping him, unless the perfect home came along – but I’d set such high expectations, I was quite deliberately sure that no one would meet them.”

This was until Shanley met Vanessa, whose reassuring vibe helped the foster mom realize her beloved Jack was going to the right place. “I knew right away that she was the perfect home I’d been hoping for. Saying goodbye to Jack was so bittersweet, but I knew it was meant to be!”

Happy Tails: jack

As for her favourite part of fostering cats with ACR? Shanley believes that it is: “getting the chance to love a pet who has had a rough go and to be a useful stepping stone on its way to the perfect furever home!”

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Happy Tails: Miss Evie Fri, 02 Sep 2016 12:06:48 +0000 There is truth to the saying that good things happen to those who wait. This is especially true for two very special ladies – Miss. Evie and Emily.

Two years ago, Emily went back to school, but her yearning for a feline friend was too strong to wait. Knowing the responsible choice would be to foster until she finished school, she chose ACR. “I was looking at different associations to foster with and found that ACR was the most communicative – you guys are awesome,” exclaimed Emily. However, it wasn’t long before her foster pair Monty and Maxi were adopted, and again she had an empty home.

happy Tails Miss Evie

Many mature cats who suddenly find themselves in foster care or shelters take longer to adjust, causing many people to overlook their unique and lovely spirits. Miss. Evie was not adjusting well to her current foster home – and as her regal name suggests, she likes to be the only lady of the house. Now that Emily finished school, ACR thought the two ladies would both benefit from some one-on-one girl time and the adoption went underway. As for Miss. Evie’s age and personality – Emily appreciated it, “she is 14 for sure and I like seniors, they’re calmer and don’t get into all of my stuff,” she said.

Soon the two were forming quite a bond, as if Miss. Evie realised that Emily was the real deal. “She warmed up relatively quickly and when it’s just the two of us, she’s my little shadow. She’s a kitty masseuse,” Emily laughed. Girl talk is also a daily ritual as Miss. Evie is quite talkative and will summon Emily when it’s bedtime.

Miss Evie

As one would assume, Miss. Evie is a lady of class, leaving Emily alone while she eats, but promptly prances over when she is through. Though she gets one treat a night, Emily explained “she leaves the bag alone, I can leave it open on my nightstand. She’s a little lady – that’s why she’s Miss. Evie”, and just as the Queen Mother has her portraits, so does Miss. Evie – on a magnet, prominently displayed on Emily’s fridge.

ACR gave the heading of ‘Miss’ to Evie when she came to the organization as a title of distinction, and in hopes of a new chapter in her life… a chapter that is now looking pretty swell.

–Brianna Gare

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32nd Vegetarian Food Festival Tue, 30 Aug 2016 13:12:03 +0000 Annex Cat Rescue will be at the 32nd Annual Vegetarian Food Festival at Harbourfront Centre, Friday September 9th – Sunday September 11th.

Veg Food Fest Toronto


Friday – 4pm-9pm
Saturday – 12pm-9pm
Sunday 12pm-7pm

Harbourfront Centre
235 Queen’s Quay West Toronto

We will be in the new eastern expansion, booth NEC08 (just south of the Lavazza cafe on Queens Quay). Why not swing by to talk about adoption or volunteer opportunities and stock up on some of our famous, handmade catnip crafts? We’d love to meet you!

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Happy Tail: Matches (formerly Thistle) Sun, 21 Aug 2016 22:00:01 +0000 Even before she discovered that Matches maintained a robust Instagram account to chronicle his adventures, Aliana knew her newly adopted cat was very, very special.

Happy Tails: Matches

OK, so maybe Matches’ Instagram posts are abetted by Aliana. But the roughly six-year-old orange-and-white male does assist by lolling fetchingly atop the duvet, keenly watching as the CN Tower elevators go up and down and occasionally, climbing atop Aliana’s refrigerator for added visual impact.

Happy Tails: Matches Happy Tails: Matches Happy Tails: Matches Happy Tails: Matches

“He’s pretty chill and very independent as cats are,” Aliana says of Matches, who she jokingly describes as her “cat husband” and whose odd name references an in-joke between Aliana and her BFF who lives in the same condo building downtown.

Aliana continues: “Matches is quite funny; I think he has a sense of humour. He’s not just about laying around and having food. He’s a bit of a rascal which is what endeared him to me. He just seemed like a cat I’d like. He’s very entertaining.”

Add to that list of traits “ambitious” with a keen desire to be homed. As the story goes, in and around autumn of 2015, Matches – then known as Thistle – was captured by ACR at his north Toronto colony and taken to be neutered and vetted.

As foster mom Catherine explains, when the very affectionate cat’s caretaker went to return him to his colony, he actually hopped back up into the car.

“There was no availability to keep him at that moment but of course it was pretty endearing,” says Catherine, who cared for Thistle/Matches from January to July of this year prior to Aliana’s recent adoption.

“As soon as there was space for Matches, he was brought in,” adds Catherine, a long-time ACR foster caregiver.

As for Aliana, Matches was the latest in a long line of successful rescues, both canine and feline. “I am a firm believer of rescues over breeders,” she says, noting that she has adopted from ACR previously. Aliana saw Matches on the ACR website and “I knew I had to meet him right away.”

Both Catherine and Aliana agree Matches, though a smidge quirky, is a superstar and may well have once been owned given his demonstrative nature which includes head-butts and lots of purrs. His snoring during naptime is another matter…

“The bed is his favourite place which is funny because Catherine had said he wasn’t really a bed cat. I can’t get him off,” Aliana howls. “I think he loves the squishiness of the duvet. We’re still getting to know each other but every day he is more and more cuddly.”

Happy Tails: Matches

Adds Catherine, “Fostering is awesome. I’ve done it for about five or six years. It gets harder each time to let the cats go even though it’s rewarding to see them go to a home where they are loved.

“I was sad to see Thistle go, but within a week Aliana had the Instagram account active and was posting and it was pretty clear how happy the cat was. It’s great to be able to follow along with his story.”

— Kim Hughes



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Happy Tails: Somersault Mon, 15 Aug 2016 01:36:58 +0000 Can you guess how Catherine the Great Somersault got her name? Chances are you’ve guessed right! It’s because she would do tricks and somersaults around the feet of the Annex Cat Rescue volunteer who came to feed her feral cat colony. Her active personality, in spite of her slightly crooked walk, caught the attention of the volunteer, who eventually decided to adopt this lovely,miniature black panther.

Born on the streets, Somersault had a rough start to life, fighting to survive for 7 years as a feral cat. Nonetheless she took a liking to her volunteer feeder Minh, coming close to Minh’s feet to perform tricks, and looking up with a bit of trust in her dark blue eyes. This convinced Minh that Somersault was looking for a warm, loving home, and she was happy to provide it.

At first Somersault had a tough time adjusting to house life. She hid in the kitchen for the first two months, wary of both her human family and her cat sister, Cassie. Eventually she realized that she was in a safe place, and started to come out of her shell. That was four years ago.

Now she’s a full-fledged member of the family! She and Cassie do everything together, including sleeping together in their giant cat bed, and sitting side-by- side for hours while staring out the window at the birds and squirrels going by. She even gets along with her canine brother.

While she’s not one to cuddle on a human’s lap, she does have her morning and afternoon routines: twice a day she makes her way in to the kitchen and waits patiently for Minh to hand her treats.She also gets special treats twice a year, including ones wrapped up and placed under the Christmas tree in December!

Feral cats all have a little bit of baggage, and Somersault’s comes in the form of a funny habit: at 10:20 every night, she meows about 10 times. Minh and her family still can’t figure out the reasons behind this, but they say it’s part of what make her such an interesting and endearing cat!

Happy Tails: Somersault

Minh says that adopting a feral cat can be challenging, but is worthwhile in the end, because you’re saving a soul from a life on the street. Feral cats might need a little extra time to adjust to your household, but once they do, they can be great members of your family. She especially encourages people to adopt black cats like Somersault because they’re often overlooked.

— Stacia Sahi


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