Annex Cat Rescue Cat Adoption with a Difference Fri, 06 Mar 2015 14:07:13 +0000 en-CA hourly 1 Ryerson Winter Vegfest Fri, 06 Mar 2015 13:40:44 +0000 Join Annex Cat Rescue at the Ryerson Winter Vegfest on March 12!

Ryerson Winter Vegfest

WHO: T​he V​egetarian Education Student Group at Ryerson is proud to launch an exciting new project ­ the Ryerson Winter VegFest.​This festival will feature over 30 vendors which include a host of local companies, established businesses and emerging brands, as well as community organizations, cruelty­-free beauty lines and mouth­-watering food samples! The delicious food offerings will cater to many dietary needs; including Kosher, Gluten-­Free, Nut­-Free, Dairy-­Free, Egg­-Free, Cholesterol-­Free and Diabetic-­Friendly options.

TORONTO’S BEST Vegan Products -no animal-based ingredients, derivatives or constituents.

This year’s event is in support of T​he Association for the Protection of Fur­Bearing Animals (APFA),​an organization that p​rovides practical and hands ­on solutions for communities to coexist with wildlife. APFA made headlines earlier this year when it launched the #MakeFurHistory campaign in association with LUSH Cosmetics and the Montreal SPCA.

EVERYONE IS INVITED: including vegans, food-lovers, environmentalists, and general members of the community to discover and experience food and lifestyle choices emphasizing the health, ethical, and environmental impacts of veganism.


The event will be held on Thursday, March 12, 2015 from 10 AM to 5 PM.

Ryerson University POD252 also known as the Snack Stop
(2nd floor between the Library building and Jorgenson Hall building)
350 Victoria Street, Toronto, ON

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Pet Uno Adopt-a-thon Fri, 06 Mar 2015 13:06:36 +0000 Saturday March 14th
10am – 5pm

Pet Uno
675 College St. (at Beatrice), Toronto

Come meet some of our adorable adoptable cats and kittens.

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Volunteer Profile: Alison F Wed, 04 Mar 2015 12:00:28 +0000 Volunteer Profile: Alison F

What’s your story? Why did you first get involved with ACR?

I got involved with ACR shortly after leaving another cat rescue I had been with for almost 6 years. I really loved what ACR stood for, and felt it would be a rewarding and valuable experience to be able to volunteer with Annex.

How are you helping now? What volunteer position are you filling? What does your work involve?

I volunteer with ACR as a Monday adoption volunteer, screening adopters, and also volunteer as “cat marketing admin”, updating the available cats page with new available cat profiles.

Describe a real winning moment for you as an ACR volunteer.

A real winning moment for me is when I have made a successful match for a cat and adopter. It is very rewarding to help find kitties find a loving forever home.

Why do you think people should volunteer with ACR?

People should volunteer with ACR as its a wonderful organization that helps feral cat colonies as well as finding homes for kitties. They really care about their volunteers and the public.

In your opinion, what is the most important thing that ACR does?

The most important thing that ACR does is helping care for feral colonies, abandoned cats as well as educate the public. It is also wonderful that they help adopt out cats into forever homes.

What do you do when you aren’t volunteering with ACR? What’s your “real” job?

When I am not volunteering with ACR, I am a stay at home mom to 5 kids.

Besides rescuing cats, what are some of your other hobbies?

Besides rescuing cats, I am an avid reader of fiction, entering contests, (I have won a number of great prizes over the past years), and I love taking fitness classes several times a week.

Do you live with any ACR cats at the moment? Who and what is their back story?

Currently I do not have any ACR adopted cats. My two cats are Tuli and Paige (Tuli is a TCR adopted kitty, and Paige is from Forever Home Cat Rescue).

What cat do you dedicate your volunteer work to and why?

I dedicate my cat work to Tuli, because it was his back story that got me started on volunteering with a cat rescue. Tuli was a kitten that was not rescued until he was 5 months old. He was part of a colony that was forming (he lived with his brother, mom and grandmother outside of an apartment building). . He was semi-feral when I adopted him. After months of socializing him, he came around. I wanted to be able to help save kitty lives and give back to the community. :)

Alison F: Vounteer Profile

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Happy Tails: Pete and Mille Mon, 02 Mar 2015 12:00:25 +0000 This adorable brother and sister duo named Pete and Mille found their happily ever after together. Although they shared the same journey, these two are unique in every way.

Mille is described as the more adventurous of the pair by her adoptive parent Simon, “Mille is the one who will take off into the basement for hours at a time so you think she’s lost.” A curious creature, “she gets into everything right away. You’ve barely put a bag down and she’s climbed inside and chewed on everything.” A sassy feline no doubt, Simon says that she was “the first to start bossing us around.”

HappyTails: Mille

Simon however jokingly refers to Pete as “the fat one”, but Pete is a complex cat. The shyer of the two, “Pete will be the one to hide longer when there are guests over, and he doesn’t jump on your lap as much,” Simon says. Simon believes that Pete may have had a more difficult time at the cat colony, causing him to be more nervous and attached. Adds Simon, “Pete is the guy who never leaves your side; as soon as you get home, he just follows you around.”

HappyTails: Pete

Despite being shy at first, Pete and Mille were quick to adjust to their adoptive home. Their new family brought over their toys and belongings from their foster home so that they had familiar things around. Simon recalls, “They hid under the tables and chairs for a little while; it wasn’t until maybe an hour before I got my first head bump on my leg. Within two days, they were comfortable just walking around openly on their own.”

HappyTails: Mille & Pete

It seems that their comfort levels grew quickly from there. Simon thinks back to one of his favorite pictures of the cats, “That one picture of the two of them on the chair and Pete, the fat one, is lying on his back with his legs sticking out looking like a slob – that was taken at about day seven,” he says. “I sent that to the foster caregiver and to some of our friends and said, ‘I think they are settling in just fine.’ Since then, they own the place basically.”

—  Margaret Yu

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Happy Tails: Spoon (Spumoni) Mon, 23 Feb 2015 12:38:29 +0000 Spumoni, better known as Spoon, was fostered by ACR volunteer Larissa. Spoon came to her when he was around one year of age and Larisa recalls his wonderful personality. “I was won over when I realized that when he’d play with a toy or string and his paw would come near me, he would immediately retract his claws! He was just naturally so gentle.”

Happy Tails: Spoon - Spumoni

Larissa, hoping that Spoon would be adopted by a friend eventually had Kate persuade Maeve to come over to meet the cat. Maeve, had never owned a pet before that didn’t dwell in a cage or bowl but both women were absolutely smitten once they met this special fellow. Maeve says, “When I met Spoon, I had to hold him. He’s just got such a great demeanour – cuddly, mellow, sweet and friendly.” Once back in the car, she told Kate that they should go for it.

Happy Tails: Spoon - Spumoni

The next day, the couple went to PetSmart and bought all the things that Spoon would need. Immediately, Spoon fit right into their home, “I thought I’d need to sleep with the bedroom door closed for a few weeks before I was comfortable with him having the run of the apartment… turns out it only took one night!” Maeve laughs.

Happy Tails: Spoon - Spumoni

Maeve now describes herself as a proud pet owner, “It seems like he’s been here forever…in a good way,” she states in her blog which details her conversion to a cat lover – and with a cat as affectionate and cuddly as Spoon it’s not hard to see why.

—  Kaitlyn Uniacke

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Be My Valentine Adoption Event Wed, 11 Feb 2015 02:15:49 +0000 PetSmart
75 Gunns Road

February 14, 10am – 6pm
February 15, 11am – 5pm

Won’t you be mine?

Be My Valentine Adoption Event


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Happy Tails: Pekoe (formerly Goldie) Mon, 09 Feb 2015 12:00:16 +0000 Sometimes it’s just meant to be – this was certainly the case for Pekoe and her adopters, JP Davidson & Erika Range. JP & Erika had been searching for the perfect cat and on a fateful day in January 2013, they thought they had found the one. At the time her name was Goldie; she was 4 months old and had been found living with her sister in an alleyway beside an auto garage. Erika & JP decided to get in touch with ACR to express their interest in meeting Goldie; however, before they had the chance to do so they received a call from Erika’s friend, Ashley Leifso. Ashley told them that she thought they’d be interested in a cat she was fostering, and…lo and behold – it was the very same cat!

Happy Tails - Pekoe

Pekoe’s effervescent and affable personality was evident from the start. Of their initial meeting JP recalls, “she was very friendly right from the get go, she didn’t seem especially shy or scared, and she didn’t hide from us.” Since then Pekoe has grown into an incredibly outgoing and well-travelled cat. “She’s really chill in the car and when we get to our destination she’s right out there exploring & saying hi to other animals” says JP, “sometimes it kinda freaks the other animals out, they’re like, ‘What? This is my house!’”

Happy Tails - Pekoe

Luckily for JP, he gets a daily dose of love from Pekoe as he works from home. “Every afternoon around 2:30 or 3:00 she comes and jumps up on the desk, says hello, and hangs out with me” he says. He and Erika also enjoy frequent cuddles from Pekoe while relaxing on the couch.

Happy Tails - Pekoe

When asked about their impact on each other’s lives, JP replies, “we’ve enhanced each other’s lives. We’re really, really happy to have her… she brings life and a lot of joy to our home. And she seems to like us, she has lots of toys and we give her treats and play with her every day.” Truly, it seems like a match made in heaven.

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Valentine’s Day Pet Photos at Pet Uno! Sat, 07 Feb 2015 16:16:17 +0000 Valentine’s Day Pet Photos at Pet Uno!

Proceeds benefiting Annex Cat Rescue! (suggested donation $15)

Saturday February 7th, 2015
1 – 4pm
Pet Uno, 657 College Street, Toronto

Valentine's Day Photos

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Adopt-a-thon at Global Pet Foods Sat, 07 Feb 2015 00:34:26 +0000 Adopt-a-thon

Global Pet Foods
2100 Bloor St. W

Saturday February 7, 2015
12 – 3pm

Adorable, Adoptable Cats from Annex Cat Rescue
Discounted Adoption Fee

Adopt-a-Thon Global Pet Foods - February 7, 2015

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Happy Tails: Bug Mon, 02 Feb 2015 12:00:01 +0000 Even though his name may suggest he’s pesky, nothing could be further from the truth! Words like friendly, playful and affectionate have been used to describe this little Bug. He is also known to be quite the singer, due to his roaring and musical purr! This handsome boy is about two years old and originally from our Dufferin/Ranee colony and has demonstrated to everyone he has met how happy and grateful he is to have been given a chance to have a home.

Heather Page fostered Bug in 2013, until he was adopted that September. She fondly remembers him, “When we got him, he was a year old. He was a very cute and friendly cat. He got along very well with my cat, Jean Luc Picard. They spent lots of time playing and cleaning each other. He also liked human attention. I was studying for my CFA exam and he would sit on the table and watch me, nap, and knock around my pens.”


Heather adds, “He loved to be petted, and would purr in this very bizarre musical chirping kind of way. Very unique, but very sweet. Like Luc, he would sleep on my bed. When my boyfriend went on a holiday with his friend for two weeks, both cats would sleep beside me on the bed each night.”

Heather kept a blog while she was a foster parent, in which she wrote two posts about Bug. One post included a video with Bug’s famous purr which helped him find his forever home with Alison Paprocki.

When asked what made her want to adopt a cat, Alison explains “I was missing having a pet. After I moved I was living with two of my girlfriends, they both had their own cats and I wanted one too. I ended up inheriting one from a family member. Unfortunately, she did awful with the other cats and after a few months I found her a better home.”

Alison’s desire for a cat companion remained, “The next year another girlfriend of mine was moving in, I had mentioned to her I’d really like a cat. While at work she was looking on the Annex Cat Rescue website and saw a video of Bug getting pets and purring. She sent it to me immediately in excitement! I think we both fell in love watching that video. Phone calls were made, papers were signed and he’s been my Bug ever since.”


Bug now lives with Alison, her roommate, and her roommate’s two cats. All the cats get along very well and sometimes all cuddle together.

Alison describes Bug’s personality as “super, super friendly! Bug has a lot of energy, he runs around a lot, and eats a lot; he’s a typical male. He loves everyone! It’s great.”


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