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Photo of Mr. Fuzz & Fuzzy

Assessment Homes (URGENT)

Assessment homes are the key to ACR’s success in bringing cats off the street. Yet, ACR does not have an adequate number of assessment homes.  Read more here about what is involved in being an Assessment Home with Annex Cat Rescue.

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Mr Fuzz needs your help

Colony feeders

Please read this page before applying.

1) Queen & Bathurst – 1 person to cover Tuesday evenings; 1 person to cover Saturday
Mr Fuzz and Fuzzy are the cats you would be feeding. You would be part of a team of 7 volunteers. We are trying to bring these two cats in (see above) but currently they are still in their colony and so need tending.

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2) Eglinton & Laird – 1 person to cover Fridays; 1 person to cover Sundays
Over the past 7 years, over 50 kittens have been adopted out and about 20 cats have been TNRed. Currently there are about 10 cats to feed and you would be part of a team of 7 volunteers.

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Fluffy Mask and Panther

3) Greenwood & Gerrard – 1 person – Wednesday evenings
This is one of ACR’s largest colonies with 13 cats, including Fluffy Mask and Panther.

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Feeding/ fostering/ adoption with special circumstance

1) Spadina & Dundas – a unique situation needing volunteers to each take one day of the week. This is a temporary assignment, as the end goal is to find people willing to home these cats.
Please read this before applying.

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(last updated August 11, 2017)

Coordinators, if you need volunteers, please email the Volunteer Coordinator and it will appear here.

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