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Assessment Homes (URGENT)

Assessment homes are the key to ACR’s success in bringing cats off the street. Yet, ACR does not have an adequate number of assessment homes.  Read more here about what is involved in being an Assessment Home with Annex Cat Rescue.

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feeders wanted

Colony feeders

Please read this page before applying.

1) Eglinton & Laird – 1 person to cover Fridays; 1 person to cover Saturdays or Sundays
Over the past 7 years, over 50 kittens have been adopted out and about 20 cats have been TNRed. Currently there are about 10 cats to feed and you would be part of a team of 7 volunteers.

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2) Pape & Gerrard – 1-2 people
Feedings take place morning and evenings each day. There is flexibility for day and time of day depending on the person’s schedule. It’s an easy colony as there are only two cats.

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Fluffy Mask and Panther

3) Greenwood & Gerrard – 1 weekly or 2 bi-weekly for Wednesday afternoon/evening starting in September.
Please be aware you must be able to afford food for 15 or more cats, including Fluffy Mask and Panther.

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Are you an early bird with access to a car? We try to send most of our foster kittens to the Toronto Humane Society as they offer us significantly cheaper rates. However most of our foster homes do not have cars! We need drivers to help them get to the THS spay/neuter clinic and then take them back to their foster homes.

More of a night hawk? We need you too. Some of our trappers don’t have access to a vehicle and we need drivers to pick up a cage with a cat and take him/her to his assessment home.

Apply to help with transporting kittens and cats.

Foster department

1) Administration
1-2 volunteers to help with foster program administration (tasks may include updating spreadsheets, posting cats online for adoption, etc), while training to take on increasing responsibility for foster parent liaison as they get more comfortable with how the foster program and team work.

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2) Foster home liaison
We are looking for one more person potentially interested to checking in with and answering questions from foster parents and getting them set up as first time fosters. This is an electronic role.

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(last updated September 13, 2017)

Coordinators, if you need volunteers, please email the Volunteer Coordinator and it will appear here.

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