Don’t give up on Francis!

Francis is a very special young cat. Francis was hit by a car which broke both of his back legs and damaged his hip. Like too many others, Francis had no owner — he was just another once-owned-now-abandoned stray kitty living on the streets of Toronto. However, after already being at least twice unlucky, Francis was fortunate enough to find himself taken into the care of Annex Cat Rescue volunteers.



Francis’ injury was so severe that a veterinary specialist was required to look at it. The specialist who worked on him thought that Francis may not walk again and may have to have his legs amputated… but Francis thought differently!

Since his surgery (which was done by the specialist), Francis is now walking and is doing much better than anyone had ever anticipated! Throughout his horrible ordeal Francis’s loving nature never faltered. Even with his broken bones, Francis purred up a storm while waiting to go into surgery and he hasn’t stopped purring since.



Francis is a very affectionate and playful cat who charms everyone he meets. (When Francis was finally healthy enough and left the veterinary clinc, the clinic staff were sad because they missed him.)

After his surgery, Francis went to his foster home with strict instructions for a long confinement in a dog crate. However, he engineered several escape plans with his new feline friends, Holstein and Osiris, who sat outside the door of his room and wailed plaintively for the humans to come and let Francis out to play! (This strategy proved effective.)

Soon, the recovery rules were bent a little and a well-exercised Francis was ready to go to his new home. Francis acclimatized immediately (this is not an exaggeration!) and he quickly ruled the roost. He now lives with his human mom, his kitty step-sister Electra and ACR foster kitty (Molly) as well!

Despite his life-threatening injuries, Francis manages to climb and jump and hunt toy mice and maul the “turboscratcher” with great enthusiasm. His agility is astounding, assisted by his compensatory upper-body strength and his monkey-like hand-arm dexterity.

Generous donations to ACR and the ACR Kobi Memorial Fund have almost covered Francis’ vet bills.

Each year, the Annex Cat Rescue is able to help a few cats like Francis. The cost of treating a cat like this is quite onerous for a small charity such as ours. If you’d like to help us help other cats like Francis, please consider donating to the Kobi Memorial Medical Fund.

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