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Gypsy came to the ACR seven years ago as a rescued feral cat.

She was pregnant, and, once safe in foster care, promptly gave birth to four kittens. The plan was that Gypsy would be spayed and released back to her colony once her kittens were weaned, but the vet discovered she was older than anticipated (about seven or eight years old!) and most of her teeth were rotten or missing. As well, her small feline colony had moved on so it just didn’t seem fair to put Gypsy back outside to fend for herself.



Gypsy is a survivor. She beat the odds and survived outdoors for much longer than most ferals do. (It’s not uncommon for outdoor feral cats to only live three to five years.) It took time for her to become comfortable living indoors in her foster home, but she’s finally content and living peacefully with her best friend, Calypso. Alas, Gypsy is still feral. She’s never gotten used to human contact and, although happy to co-exist with people, she won’t abide being touched or stroked. (Surprisingly enough she’s a brave girl and will stay and watch the comings and goings of visitors… as long as she’s not approached.) For this reason we never put her up for adoption.

Gypsy is a great symbol of what ACR does — committing to cats in our care regardless of age, level of tameness, or health status. We’d be grateful for any donations made to help us care for Gypsy during her geriatric years. Tests have confirmed that she has chronic renal failure (kidney disease), which will require a prescription diet and ongoing veterinary care.

As far as feral cats go, this is a bit of an unusual ending, but a pretty happy ending nonetheless. Your donation will ensure that Gypsy will never have to know the perils of the street and feel that pain and loneliness again.

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