Foster Parenting

Since the Annex Cat Rescue does not have an animal shelter, we use a network of foster homes to nurture, socialize, provide companionship, love, respect and temporary shelter for our kittens and cats on their journey to finding forever homes. Our foster parents pay for the food and other basic necessities, for which they can receive charitable tax receipts; ACR pays all medical expenses. Foster homes must also be comfortable about having potential adopters visit their cats, at a mutually convenient time.


If you are interested in this position, please take a moment to read about fostering with ACR and what is involved.

If you, or anyone you know, is interested in becoming a volunteer, or expanding your work within the organization, please e-mail us or apply online.

Patsy before and after

Why I Foster and Why You Should, Too

By Sarah M, ACR foster parent

Being a foster home for Annex Cat Rescue is one of the most rewarding, and sometimes challenging, parts of my life. Because we work with the cats who need the most help, it means the time you spend with your foster cats is meaningful in a life changing way — no exaggeration. By taking in a cat that has been deemed “unwanted” or sometimes even “unsaveable,” you save cats from living and dying on the street or being euthanized or killed by less experienced and/or less compassionate individuals. We help show cats that are scared or slow to trust that humans can be kind and they can expect, and deserve, to receive, love, food, and warmth for all of their days.

I’ve had foster cats who spent much of their time under the couch or bed, before learning they were safe. I’ve had a cat who ate human food on the street for so long that he had to be retrained to eat cat food again. I’ve had cats with special medical needs. And I’ve had cats so malnourished they were barely there. Each and every one of them were special and each found their forever home with that special someone.

Often I’m asked how I can let my fosters go. I can do this because I have a huge amount of faith in the ACR screening system, I get to meet the adopters in person, and I know it creates space for another cat who desperately needs a home and a chance to learn that the world isn’t always an awful place.

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