Postering/distributing brochures

This is a simple yet crucial method of advertising our work and finding adopters. It’s a task in which a little time can go a long way.  Please help us by hanging our posters at your local pet store, vet office, grocery store, laundromat, office bulletin board etc.  They are available for download below in both colour or black and white.

General ACR Posters
Poster #1 – Full Size Colour – Bunny
Poster #2 – Full Size Colour – Mister
Poster #3 – Full Size Colour – Portraits
Poster #4 – Full Size B&W – Bunny
Poster #5 – Full Size B&W – Mister
Poster#6 – Full Size B&W – Portraits
Poster#7 – Half Size Posters

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