Feature Cat: Annie

Annie is a gregarious girl with a personality as unique as her black-and-whtie zig-zag markings. Rescued from a south Riverdale cat colony with her brother, Annie settled into indoor life in her foster home, making friends right away with the resident felines. She just loves other cats, especially boy cats, and optimistically tries to win the affection of those who don’t immediately warm up to her — generally successfully too! Who can resist those gorgeous eyes? She’s an energetic girl who delights in kittenish antics, playfully batting at and chasing toys about. When she’s not actively playing with them, she (an endearingly quirky cat) carries her favourite toys around the house in her mouth, lest there be any confusion about whose toys they are! Annie can be equally monopolizing of her foster parents’ laps which she enjoys curling up in in quiet moments. Annie’s curiosity tends to win out over her initial shyness and she can be very affectionate, nuzzling against and purring for her favourite people. One of her sweetest games involves leaping onto the bed in the wee hours of the morning and saying ‘I love you’ by purring in and licking her foster parents’ ears! Annie would do well in a calm, quiet adoptive home, just as she’s settled right into her foster home in a relatively short period of time. As a result of her rough start in life, she can be hesitant with strangers at first, but she’d do wonderfully as a part of a permanent home and would only continue to blossom with time, patience, and love. Annie would be a perfect addition to your family, especially as a pal for another playful, friendly young cat.

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