Happy Tails: Toby Finds his Forever Home with ACR!

When Toby first came to the ACR community, he was rescued from a rough start in life. Abandonment, feral colonies, street life, and even a brush with death are just a few of the trials Toby has faced in his short life. Despite these hardships, Toby wasn’t ready to give up on a bright future – and his spirit must have seen him through. His alley cat appearance allowed him to blend in with a feral colony, but ACR volunteers soon discovered this fearless fighter and knew that he needed a place to call home.

The harsh lifestyle endured by feral colonies left Toby with FIV – Feline Immunodeficiency Virus – necessitating a warm and welcoming foster home. Toby was taken in by Roz, an ACR volunteer who believed in his right to a rich and full life. Roz recalls the process of adjusting Toby to domestic life off the streets: “He would scarf down tuna out of the can, he would tear open the garbage bags if they contained chicken, he sat by our sides when we were eating, just like a dog, and beg for scraps! You see, he lived in Kensington Market, fending for himself.” Although often facing an upset stomach, Toby certainly retained his appetite and soon regained much of his strength.

In addition to being a hearty eater, Toby was often vocal and sought interaction. He had a talent for playing ball and served as an excellent in-house alarm clock with plenty of morning meows. After vet visits and a stabilized diet, Toby regained much of his zest for life. 9 months after taking him in, Roz prepared Toby for adoption and recalls the change she witnessed – “his coat was shiny and smooth, he had a bit more fat on his bones, and he was so comfortable with the people that came to check him out!” She couldn’t have been happier that two people came along and saw the real Toby.


In his new home with owners Karen & Ian, Toby (who now goes by “Khan”) has a FIV+ brother named Neelix to bond with. Karen was pleasantly surprised at how easily Toby and Neelix accepted one another. Peaceful during the daytime and playful at night, Toby and Neelix have a cardboard castle that they share when they’re not chasing each other around the house. Like Roz, Karen notes Toby’s chatty disposition — “[He’s] a very vocal little guy, he tends to wander into other rooms and then start chirping, meowing and having loud conversations by himself. When we follow him into the room, he stops and stares at us like ‘What? There’s nothing happening here’ It’s a riot.” Toby’s desire for companionship, after facing so much solitude, is part of what makes him truly special. Although he will continue to live with FIV, Toby’s monitored diet helps to keep his tummy troubles at bay. Karen focuses on Toby’s wonderful spirit, noting that he “bounces back to normal after a day or two” when feeling under the weather. Toby has an inner strength that simply cannot be broken.


We couldn’t be happier that Toby has finally found the forever home that he deserves. ACR would like to thank Roz for fostering Toby and nursing him back to health and happiness, to Karen and Ian for making room in their lives for another furry family member, and to the ACR community for always caring about Toby and believing in his right to life and love.

Read Toby’s Story from the ACR blog last year.


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