Happy Tails: Noodal Finds Her Forever Home with ACR

Any politician would kill for the kind of ringing endorsement Noodal the cat routinely inspires in everyone who crosses her path.

“Awesome,” “great” and “cuddly” are just some of the adjectives the black-and-white feline has prompted in her caregivers, notably the woman who found her pregnant, homeless and living as part of a colony in the city’s east end early last year and especially, her foster mom.

Indeed, ACR volunteer Norelle French came to adore Noodal so much while fostering her that she adopted her and is now her forever home.


“She is the most affectionate and hilarious little creature I’ve ever met,” says French, who took Noodal in last summer, realizing in short order that the cat – age and provenance unknown – was destined to be a permanent part of her life.

“She is something else. I have known many cats but none like her. You can hear her in the background, doing her little gurgle-meow,” French laughs, adding that she had previously fostered two brothers but found the separation too painful when they were finally placed in their forever home.

“I cried my eyes out. I just couldn’t go through that again,” she says. “I took Noodal in with the intention of fostering her but just fell madly in love with her. I think I knew pretty quickly I was going to keep her. She has been so sweet from day one. She is just the best kitty.”

That sentiment is echoed by Hedy Hurter, who discovered Noodal last winter among the cats in the colony she was then tending in the Broadview and Dundas area.

“I noticed that she was pregnant, and she was very friendly, so I scooped her up, put her in a kennel and brought her home,” Hurter says. “She had her six babies in our bathroom last January,” – all were adopted out by ACR – “and she was just an amazing mom. She is an amazing cat, period.”

Hurter says that while she very much wanted to keep Noodal – so named by her daughter Tamra Enman because of the white noodle-like moustache on her sweet face – the cat triggered allergies.

“Every cat has different dander. I am allergic to some and not others but I really did love her and we would have kept her if we could have,” Enman confirms. “I mean, the moment you would walk into a room she’s like ‘Hello! Pet me! Love me!’ She was just great and a very great mom to her babies.”

Forever mom French couldn’t be happier. “Noodal sleeps on a pillow right next to my pillow. She’s very attached to me. And when I have company over, even if she doesn’t know the person, she’ll be right up there greeting them and head-butting them and wrapping her tail around them. She is a very special kitty.”

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