Happy Tails: Gabriel & Gloria

 When Gabriel and Gloria (brother and sister) first arrived in their foster home, they were very frightened kitties.
For several days, they huddled together for comfort under the bed, emerging only in the dead of night to find the litter box and dishes of food and water. Finally, they cautiously ventured out during the day to explore their new environment for a few minutes at a time, quickly retreating to their hiding place when they saw or heard anything unusual. They recoiled when they were approached by foster mum, Ruth, not wanting her to touch them or even get near them. They didn’t meow or purr, and didn’t even know their names.

Gabriel & Gloria

After approximately 10 months in foster care, with a great deal of encouragement, they have blossomed into charming cats. Gabriel, a large orange tabby, is a gentle soul. He is proud of his rich, thick coat and loves to be brushed and combed. When he is not sleeping, which is most of the day, he likes to gaze out the window, watching for snow, falling leaves and birds.

Gloria is very energetic and affectionate, following foster mum around like a little shadow and nestling beside her in the reclining chair.

When not playing with toys by themselves, or enjoying interactive play with mum, they like to chase each other around the apartment and have friendly wrestling matches, occasionally stopping briefly to groom each other.  “They have also found their voices, so their spontaneous meowing and purring are music to my ears,” said foster mum, Ruth.

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