Happy Tails: Marylou & Charlie Bucket (formerly Peanuts)

Marylou and Charlie Bucket (nee Peanuts) were born outside, in the garden of an elderly and compassionate woman who brought the little family inside, knowing they would perish outdoors. After some time in a loving ACR foster home, this rambunctious and affectionate duo has found their forever home.

Peanuts & Marylou

Though siblings, Marylou and Charlie have very different personalities. Marylou is confident, fearless and social (she plays fetch). Charlie is cautious and reserved; knowing that curiosity killed the cat, he regularly volunteers Marylou to try new things first. This said, he is devoted to his sister and if he doesn’t know where she is, will meow softly until he finds her.

Once satisfied that the two fluff-balls he kept meeting were of his own tribe, the foster home’s resident feline took his mentoring responsibilities seriously, allowing them to follow him around and holding regular tutoring sessions on the finer points of wrestling.

Now fully primed to live a life of comfort and ease, Marylou and Charlie Bucket are settling into their new and forever home with Vera and her two children. Losing their 18 year old Jezebel last summer was very hard for Vera’s family; they knew that cat-sitting for a friend for four months would help to get past their grief. They were right and when Gigi went home, they felt ready for a new friend. Based on the fact that one cat may be lonely and that homes for bonded pairs are harder to find, they came to the logical and reasonable conclusion that two is better than one and began looking for the perfect pair. It didn’t take long…

The reports are in and it’s no surprise! Marylou and Charlie are not only thriving, they are providing 100% of the family’s entertainment and performing the invaluable service of finding knick-knacks thought to be lost forever. Charlie is now twice the size of Mary Lou and they are very sweet together; chase each other around (all night!), wrestle, snuggle, cuddle, eat, sleep and repeat. It’s clear that Marylou and Charlie have found a perfect match in Vera’s family and incidentally, Vera and her kids feel exactly the same way.

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