Surgery Success for Stumpy!

Annex Cat Rescue is overwhelmed with the generosity of donations and support that Stumpy has received. Our previous newsletter shared Stumpy’s transformation from a cantankerous colony cat, into a loving cuddle bug and his dire need for Femoral Head Ostectomy surgery (FHO).

To correct this degenerative hip disease, Stumpy had the first surgery on his right hip on May 14, 2014. This life-changing surgery couldn’t have been done without the overwhelming support of our donors who gave $1,275 towards his care.


Jennifer, the foster parent helping Stumpy through his recovery said, “He was in horrendous pain on Wednesday night, but much to my amazement, Stumpy greeted me at his bedroom door on Thursday morning. Stumpy can walk!”

Stumpy was almost entirely immobile and on a daily dose of pain medication since being brought off the streets almost two months ago. Jennifer is still overwhelmed at his progress. “Just one day post -surgery and Stumpy has mobility! I can’t believe it! And I can’t thank you all enough.”

However, he isn’t through the hard times just yet. In a few weeks, Stumpy will have surgery on the left hip. While it’s heartbreaking to hear his wails of pain as he attempts to stand, Jennifer remains optimistic. “He was lying on his right side this morning, he’s chatty and he purrs like a roaring lion, so I know he’s starting to feel a little better.”

Our veterinarian team says the pain should subside within a few weeks. We will keep you updated on Stumpy’s progress!

Watch Stumpy walk after his first surgery:

and his latest video!

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