Cat Heroes

Contrary to popular belief, cats are more than lazy gluttonous furballs. People who have a cat know that while some may show it on their own terms, cats are loveable, charismatic and most of all caring. Here’s a collection of hero cats honoured by Purina and the Cat Fancier’s Association – whose acts of selflessness saved the lives of their humans.


Photo Credit: lifewithcatsTV

Meskie, a 17 year-old Calico-Angora mix saved her owner Chyrl from a house fire. Chryl had fallen asleep in her reclining chair and was awoken by an agitated Meskie, who is usually calm and gentle. Following Meskie to the kitchen, Chryl noticed smoke and an orange glow. Quickly grabbing Meskie, she rushed out of the house and called 911. By the time the fire department arrived on scene, Chryl’s house was engulfed in flames.



Photo Credit: lifewithcatsTV

Monty , an orange tabby, woke his owner Patricia in the middle of the night by persistently nibbling her left hand. Patricia was recently diagnosed with diabetes and took that subtle hint to check her blood sugar. As she struggled into the kitchen, Monty instinctively sat in front of her diabetes test kit. Patricia’s blood sugar level registered at a low 2.7, prompting her to take her sugar pills. Once her blood sugar rose to a safe level, Monty ran back into the bedroom to signal that it was okay to go back to bed.



Photo Credit: lifewithcatsTV

Gepetto, the Sjorgen’s family cat is always mild-mannered and calm. Phyllis woke in the middle of the night to what she can only describe as a ‘terrible sequence of yowls’ coming from the basement. The sense of urgency in Gepetto’s voice got Phyllis to get out of bed to see if her cat was in trouble. On her way to the kitchen, she felt nauseated and dizzy and was met by Geppeto’s troubling wails. After calming him down, she decided to call her husband about her sudden symptoms and Geppeto’s odd behaviour. Phyllis’s husband, Martin Sjogren, told her to leave the house immediately and had a friend call the gas company. When emergency crews arrived, they found that Phyllis was suffering from stage two carbon monoxide poisoning – with stage three being death. Thanks to Geppeto’s cries that night, Phyllis survived what could have been a lethal amount of carbon monoxide.

And lastly, who can forget Tara, the Triantafilo’s family cat who fought off a dog from attacking the family’s 4 year-old son Jeremy while he played in the front yard. Her selfless action has made her into an internet star which you can view here.

So the next time you think your cat is all about treats and chin scratches, just remember these intelligent felines and be thankful yours haven’t had to spring into action

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