Happy Tails: Calista

Rachael Smith, a generous lady with a big heart and big apartment, decided that she needed to add a special something to her spacious home. That special something came in a form of a very loveable cat named Calista.

Calista, is now affectionately called ‘Khaleesi’ or ‘The Mother of Dragons’ because of her shiny white hair. However, her hair color is not the only thing Calista has in common with the Queen of the Andals – she is also very loyal, vocal and lively.


Before adopting her fur-baby, Rachael says that she did her research by taking her time and looking at various cat adoption organizations before deciding. Three year-old Calista was previously adopted in 2011, but had issues settling in with the owners’ children. Rachael says, “Her story struck a chord with me and I knew that she would benefit from my quiet lifestyle.”

Now, this purry-princess is active and loves to move around in her new home while chasing ping pong balls down the hallway. One of the many loveable traits that Calista has is meowing Rachael a ‘Hello’ when she gets home from work or a ‘Good Morning’ when she wakes up.

Calista is now happy and comfortable in her home, and Rachael adds that ACR’s adoption process helped with the transition, “Calista’s foster mom was great and provided me with a detailed list of the type of supplies I would need, as well as Calista’s likes, dislikes and routine.” Having a few of her old toys helped Calista settle in as well, “The transition went very smoothly and I think Calista appreciated having familiar things in her new home.”

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