Happy Tails: Daisy

Meet Daisy, a drop-dead gorgeous young calico female and the newest addition to Angèle Morgan’s happy family, which also includes felines Cathy and Ruth. Like her new half-sisters, Daisy is a rescue who so captivated Morgan during her tenure as a foster that the idea of her leaving for a forever home somewhere else seemed… well, impossible.

To hear Morgan tell it, the highly timid Daisy – formerly Daisy Duke, who was found tenuously living with a colony of feral cats before being rescued and placed in foster care last November – couldn’t have landed at a better spot.

“I hadn’t planned on fostering again because I have two cats. But I saw an ad ACR had put out for Daisy specifically looking for a small place to house her that had cats already so she could have some company, which sounded like me exactly,” she chuckles. “So I thought, ‘I’ll just keep her for a while.’”

Happy Tails: Daisy

As Morgan explains, Daisy needed a small place because she was so profoundly shy that a large place would overwhelm her. As for the final decision to keep her, Morgan says, “She had been through so much, I just couldn’t bear to put her through another period of re-adjustment.

“I can’t imagine her fighting for scraps of food among a bunch of feral cats. I’m not sure of the exact details of how she got to Annex Cat Rescue but when she landed with me, everything was terrifying to her.

“The furnace would come on and she was convinced it was something coming to eat her.  Getting her to the point where she was comfortable and not cringing at every little noise, I couldn’t imagine having her go through that again,” Morgan says, adding patience was a key component in helping Daisy acclimate to her new surroundings.

“And cuddles, more than food, was a huge motivator for her,” she says.

By early this year, a thoroughly smitten Morgan decided Daisy, Cathy and Ruth should remain a trio. “Daisy is like the quiet one who reads and collect stamps while Cathy and Ruth run around and play cops and robbers,” Morgan laughs. “To some degree Daisy is like a kid from a war zone that doesn’t know what playing is. But they all get along.

“Cathy and Ruth were also rescues and fosters from Annex Cat Rescue. In that case, because they were sisters, I wanted to keep them together. In the end,” Morgan says, “it all worked out.  Now we are all stuck with each other.”

Happy Tails: Daisy


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