Happy Tails: Dracula (formerly Gino)

Think back to summer 2013 and picture an auto body shop with grounds stained with cold, grease, and maybe chewing tobacco. That’s where an ACR volunteer came across colony of feral cats that included a darling kitten and his two brothers who weren’t in the best of shape.

Soon after arranging the body shop to set up a shelter, feeding station, and have food put out daily, our volunteer was able to trap the three youngins.

While appropriately apprehensive at first, these three kittens could sense a good heart and allowed our volunteer to handle them. Gino was a little more willing then Rocco; and Frankie was ridiculously friendly and loved to be held and enjoyed playtime. After getting the OK from a vet, a family adopted Frankie and Rocco.

That left Gino.

When he was first brought to his foster family away from his brothers he was a little shy, and that’s to be expected. Who isn’t a little shy when love at first sight fills the air?

That shyness soon passed it was game on. He alternated between hyperactive and sleepy, and his many massive yawns flaunted two massive canine-like teeth.

And that’s how Gino became Dracula.

Happy Tails - Dracula

He’s now a healthy fellow who’s white and grey with deep yellow eyes. He’s grown quickly into his long limbs and large features, with the exception of his tail. It’s remarkably long, and he’s just taken note of its existence and potential as a toy to attack. Though he should have noticed it sooner since he frequently prances in front of a mirror.

When he’s not striking a pose he tries to curry favour with his sister, Domino. He lurks when she takes her beauty nap, and has taken on some of her less than desirable habits: begging for food, and keeping watch on the neighbourhood.

Happy Tails - Dracula & Domino

Most importantly, Dracula (nee Gino) has warmed to people. He is affectionate and loves to cuddle. He watches his new parents leave from the top of the stairs, and is often in the same spot waiting for them to come home.

Our endless thanks to ACR volunteer Elizabeth for rescuing the Gino, Frankie, and Rocco; and using her immense charm to partner with the body shop to make the lives of a feral colony so much better. And to Craig, Andrea, and Domino for adopting Dracula and giving him the comfort and love he deserves.

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