Happy Tails: Rammy

Like most cats, Rammy wasn’t meant to live outside, where food and shelter are a daily crapshoot and hazards teem on all sides. But when the beautiful, homeless orange-and-white longhair found his way to the door of Joshua Errett and wife Samantha Grice last March, he won the cat lottery, though that wasn’t apparent right away.

Happy Tails: Rammy

As Errett tells it, “Our house is kind of a hotspot for cats. They stop by all the time and we feed them,” he says, confirming that he also manages a cat colony in his area.

Errett continues: “This really nice-looking blonde cat kept coming to our house. We sent out notes around the neighbourhood to see if we could find his family but no one responded. He was living under our neighbour’s porch and though it was spring, it was still very cold.

“So we decided to trap him but he just kept turning up for food and was very kitten-like so it became clear no trap was necessary. One day I picked him up and just rushed him inside to our office.”

The cat – nicknamed Blondie by Errett and Grice for his colourings – was delightful though in need of care. “He had fleas, cuts and scrapes from fighting, matted hair and he wasn’t fixed which was something Annex Cat Rescue helped out with.”

Despite his highly social demeanour, Blondie didn’t bond with Frankie or Austin, two other rescued cats adopted into the Errett/Grice home.

“It just got to be too much having to segregate the cats. Blondie would sleep in our bed and he was so cuddly. We knew he was adoptable – best friends’ material if we could find the right person – but we just couldn’t make it work.”

A fortuitous series of past work connections led to Corey Lewis, now Rammy’s forever dad.

“My boss said, ‘Do you want a cat?’ I said I wasn’t sure – I’ve never had a pet before – but my boss said, ‘Just go and visit him.’ I thought the cat was pretty cool and that’s how he came to me,” Lewis says.

Asked how he came up with the name Rammy, Lewis laughs. “I have a friend who calls me a loveable old goat. So I once said that if I ever got a cat I’d call him Rammy like a goat.

“Rammy is kind of a party cat and just wants to hang out all the time. He likes to dive-bomb onto my bed from the window sill, he makes lots of noise. He’s just very, very social and very, very active.

“It’s nice to have an old buddy around who kind of depends on you,” Lewis says when asked how he would describe the benefits of pet adoption to someone considering it. “It’s nice to have the companionship.”

Adds Errett, “It’s very fulfilling to place a cat, especially one so sweet and friendly and so deserving of a home.”

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