Winter: Old Guy Ready to Bring the Love

If cats could talk, cat lovers would be an eager audience. Consider the tale of Winter, a spectacularly gentle, loving and beautiful 11-year-old brown tabby found last January hiding beneath a deck in the bitter cold. How sweet Winter became homeless is unknown but from this point forward it’s hoped his story will be one of comparative joy.

Here is what we know so far. A good Samaritan found Winter and took him to a vet clinic where an untreated hyperthyroid condition was discovered, answering the question of why the cat was so skinny. Once he was put on a prescription diet and given a warm and safe place to sleep, Winter started gaining weight, regaining his status as an affection monster.

Winter the cat

As foster mom Carol Song says, “Winter is a sweet and active people-loving cat, who adores his feather wand.” Song confirms that Winter loves to pad along behind her. “The first things you’ll notice about him are his beautiful eyes, fluffy long tail, and the markings on his face that make him look like a cute miniature cheetah! He is very friendly to strangers and he purrs and kneads almost instantly when you start petting him.”

So Winter is basically awesome. More good news? His vet (a huge Winter fan) has graciously offered to continue to sponsor any care needed for his existing medical conditions. The slightly tricky stuff? Those existing medical conditions also include the early stages of kidney failure, so in addition to needing a special diet, Winter requires IV fluids every other day.

But as foster mom Song points out, “This takes just a few minutes and his vet would be happy to show you how to do it.” Plus, Winter’s attributes are many. He’s good with kids and other cats though dogs not so much. His advanced age means he won’t be tearing around the house at all hours. And did we mention he is very, very sweet?

Winter has lived a difficult life but remains optimistic that his golden years can be just that – golden. With a little special care, this old guy with the gorgeous face and gentle purr is guaranteed to transform any forever home into a place of sublime happiness, a place filled with love. Sound like anyplace you know?

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