Happy Tails: Jelly

When stray kitten Jelly came to Annex Cat Rescue after being found under a car by a friend of the organization, everyone knew he was special. Unfortunately, the aggressive behaviour that had helped Jelly survive all alone on the streets made it difficult for potential adoptive parents to understand him. He was adopted twice and returned to ACR both times because of his behaviour.

As with many cats that get labelled this way, it often means they are uncomfortable in their home setting, such as being around children or other cats. Jelly just needed to find a permanent home that would suit his needs—somewhere he could be calm and happy in.

Foster mom Cara Bleskie happily took Jelly in while he waited for his forever home. “Jelly is the most kind-hearted animal I’ve ever encountered,” she says. “He’s so full of love and affection, and always there to greet you at the door when you arrive home.”


Bleskie said that she and her partner had some concerns when they first learned of Jelly’s aggressive past. However, it has now been over a year since the couple brought Jelly home and not once have they seen him lash out.

Jelly became comfortable in his foster home, and formed a trusted bond with his foster parents, making it hard for the couple to picture him not being there every day.

“There wasn’t really an ‘ah-ha’ moment when we realized we wanted to keep Jelly forever,” Bleskie remembers. “After awhile it just became really hard to imagine our lives without him.” The pair went from fostering Jelly to officially adopting him, giving him the forever home he had been waiting for.


Bleskie thinks that Jelly needed stability in his life, and that perhaps a lot of his aggressive history could be attributed to abandonment and constant change in ownership. “There was no way we could put him through that again, so we adopted him,” she says.

“Every morning we wake up with Jelly stretched out on the bed between us -sometimes I think he believes he is another person. He constantly follows us throughout the apartment, looking to play games, be petted, or just simply to hang out.”



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