Community Purse Offers Affordable Pet Care to Seniors

Community support projects don’t come much sweeter than the Kensington Kittypants Fund, which helps Kensington Market-area senior citizens access subsidized healthcare for their pets at the Dundas Euclid Animal Hospital through various fundraising initiatives and partnerships with local merchants.


Named for an “elegant, smart” Tuxedo feline owned by Fund founder and long-time Kensington Market resident Barbette (just Barbette), the Kittypants Fund recently hosted its third annual fundraiser, which drew enthusiastic crowds to Scadding Court Community Centre to hear local musicians, eat a First Nations-inspired menu and help raise cash for cat- and dog-owning Kensington seniors.


Prizes at the event were donated by area merchants who Barbette says recognize the value of assisting those community members who have helped shape Kensington Market into the vibrant space it is today. Plans are afoot to expand the program to neighbourhoods citywide.

“It is my hope that other neighborhoods will look to the Kensington Kittypants Fund model and try to create their own within their community,” confirms retired community worker Barbette, who today volunteers with two seniors groups.

“Seniors on a fixed income really struggle with pet care.  My cat Kittypants had health issues, so I know first-hand how tough it can be” she says, adding that donations to the Fund are always greatly appreciated and can be directed here to

“The Kensington Kittypants Fund along with Dundas Euclid Animal Hospital are now in the planning stages of setting up Kittypants Eastbound at the Sherbourne Animal Hospital with Dr. Oscar Albarracin.  It is very important that we take care of our seniors on fixed incomes.  The relationship between seniors and their pet companions is precious and should be honored in every way possible.”


Though Barbette isn’t sure exactly how many pets have benefitted from the Kensington Kittypants Fund since its 2011 inception, she stresses “It’s really simple. Every year we have an event and the money we raise goes directly to the Dundas Euclid Animal Hospital.”

She continues: “Everybody wants to do this – the bands that perform at the events and the 15-odd merchants that serve as sponsors. Our most recent event was absolutely a success and so many people helped to make it possible. I have lived in the Market off and on for 43 years, and it’s like a village. Kensington really does care.”

For more information go to Dundas Euclid and Sherbourne Clinic

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