Happy Tails: Tilly

If Tilly had a fan club, it would be jammed with platinum-level members: forever family George and Deb Lloyd and cat brother Sebastian, plus former foster dad Jeffrey Moon and cat sister Matilda.

Really, if the adorable tuxedo’s twinkling eyes don’t melt your heart, her wily playfulness and curiosity should do the trick.


“I never thought I was a cat person,” says George Lloyd, who laughingly cops to daily brushing Tilly and Sebastian’s coats and teeth, even giving gum massages (!). “It’s our little ritual.”

Lloyd continues: “Anyway, last October, our daughter Karen asked if she could get her mom a cat for Christmas. I told her to be sure and check with her mom as it would be her cat. So Karen got a cat from a rescue in Kingston, and that cat – Sebastian – immediately took to me and started following me around.

“We figured we should get another cat to keep him company because both Deb and I work. We found Tilly last February through Annex Cat Rescue – interestingly, both cats are tuxedos born just a few days apart in July 2013. Tilly has taken to Deb like you wouldn’t believe. She’ll sit and stare at her in adoration.”

“So yes,” Deb Lloyd allows with a chuckle, “through no design of our own, we have his-and-hers cats.” Where Sebastian is “a docile character,” Deb Lloyd describes Tilly as “active and brave. We have to watch her. If she sees an open door she’ll gun for it.

Tilly & Sebastian

“Our guess is that she spent a lot of time outside at some point because she seems very keen to return.” Wisely, the Lloyds are ensuring that Tilly henceforth remains a strictly indoor cat.

Though Tilly’s background is largely unknown, foster dad Jeff Moon adds some detail, confirming that he took her in as a kitten to keep his then-foster cat Matilda amused.

“Matilda was really energetic and needed way more attention than I could give her, so I decided the best thing for her was a companion. They hit it off right away,” Moon says, adding that Matilda found a loving forever home shortly after the Lloyds adopted Tilly.

“We are so enjoying having the cats,” Deb Lloyd confirms. “Tilly was petrified when we first brought her home, and we were very concerned. But by the third day, I enticed her to eat and at that point she turned the corner and improved exponentially. They factor in our everyday lives in a major way, and they are great fun.”

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