Black Friday Promotion

This weekend, ACR’s Black Friday Promotion will feature all of our black cats with a low adoption fee of only $80!

Why is ACR featuring a promotion for all our black beauties? Well, when I first laid eyes upon Strider, my second of two adopted cats, he was laying flat on his back, all four extremities extended while a German Shepherd 10 times his size playfully sniffed his exposed underbelly. I knew immediately this brave and welcoming cat would be coming home with me.

black cat named Strider
Despite missing about half his teeth from being hit by a car or kicked in the face, Strider was the friendliest creature I’d ever met; fearful of nothing and quick with a deep purr whenever a pet was forthcoming.

He’s been with me and my wife for the past 12 years and our lives have been richer for it.

And he’s black.

black cat named Strider

That fact didn’t weight on our decision to adopt him – his perfect personality was the only consideration – but, unfortunately, that’s not the case for some people looking for a new furry friend. According to the B.C. SPCA, it takes black cats 24 percent longer to be adopted and they make up 1/3 of all cats in their shelters.

There are two prevailing theories as to why black cats are passed over in favour of coloured ones: there remains a stigma of being unlucky or evil, and they don’t photograph well (an issue both for the fosterer/shelter and adopter).

Jacqueline Chan, who’s fostered or temporarily housed more than 100 cats for Annex Cat Rescue over the past three years and has two black cats of her own, has this advice for anyone thinking of adopting:

“Go meet them. You can’t tell a lot from a picture – other than the skill of the photographer. All cats have their own personalities and that’s what you’re looking for more than anything: that match, the one that connects with you on an emotional level. Seeing cats in person, seeing them in motion is so much different.”

But that’s not to say black cats aren’t appealing to the eye.

“A lot of black cats are absolutely stunning in person,” says Chan.” They’re gorgeously sleek with glowing yellow, green and gold eyes. And that beauty comes out when you see them in real life.

“They’re all different shades: some have this deep chocolate undertone, while others are the deepest shiny ebony black. They look so sophisticated and so polished – they can be really, really striking in a way that you don’t get with cats with colours and stripes.”

So don’t dismiss a black cat. He or she comes with the bonus of knowing you’ve done something extra special – contact ACR this Black Friday weekend and maybe you’ll even end up with the next Strider.

Check out this video for 10 more reasons you should adopt a black cat!

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