Happy Tails: Jessie (formerly Muffin) & Joey

Like two fuzzy peas in a pod, looking at the photos below you would never know that these two stunning cats were once homeless, sick and hungry.


Their story began last year, when volunteers at the Annex Cat Rescue were caring for two adjacent feral cat-colonies. Volunteers discovered a very pregnant female cat, due to give birth, and soon. But one day mama cat disappeared, and only after a very anxious search, did ACR volunteers finally find the newborn kitten litter in the bushes. One of those kittens was a very tiny, very sickly black and white girl, now named Jessie. Volunteer Joanne was there for the rescue and says, “kittens are born and we grab the ones that we can and try to get them into foster homes.”

At the same time, another litter was born in the adjacent colony, and a small brown tabby by the name of Joey was found and rescued.

Both litters were brought into foster care where they were provided with the endless love, food and attention that they deserved. Little Jessie had to have special care as her eyes were infected, so badly in fact, that they were tightly closed shut. The foster mother and a team of untiring volunteers worked in shifts to provide eye medication, “we were going over to the foster mother’s house a few times a day to administer medication. The swelling in Jessie’s eyes was so bad that we had to pry her eyes open to get the meds in. We did not know if she was going to lose her sight or not.”


It took about a month of vet visits and eye drops for the swelling to subside. Joanne remembers, “this little one was incredibly patient and tolerant with us, considering how much pain and discomfort she was in. But by the end she was tearing around and playing with her best buddy Joey.”

Jessie’s eyes did not have a chance to develop full vision. Her sight was impaired but her life was saved! And rightly so, as she had bigger and better plans for this world, specifically to shower her adopted sister Joey and her forever mom Meagan with endless snuggles and love.

Having had cats throughout her childhood, forever mom Meagan decided that it was high time she had cats to call her own, and upon seeing four-month old Jessie and Joey on the ACR website, she was ready to nab them both! Meagan says, “I wanted to adopt a couple of cats because they get adopted less and I work full-time and would feel too bad leaving one on her own.” In regards to Jessie’s poor vision, Meagan was not put-off, “it didn’t deter me, it was one of the reasons why I liked her, because she is not ideal, not perfect, but she needed a place to call home.”

After arriving at their new home, Jessie and Joey were initially shy and hid under the bed – typical behaviour of cats when they enter a new place but it did not last for long. In no time both kittens were out from under the bed, zipping through the house, and before Meagan knew it, she was in the middle of Cuddlefest 2014!

In fact, their personalities emerged quite quickly, “Jessie is definitely the quirkier one. Maybe it has to do with her being almost blind, but she jumps at things that are not there. She also LOVES to cuddle and drools when you pet her.” Not surprisingly, Joey is also a snuggler, “she is so friendly, a lot more relaxed and chilled than Jessie, but still very playful. She is also the talker.”

Meagan, Jessie and Joey are a match made in heaven. Meagan says, “we are best girlfriends and Jessie and Joey are the most cuddly, nicest cats that I have ever had. They are so loving that I will sleep with one curled up in each arm at night. They just want to be loved and be around you at all times.”

Like so many kittens out there, Jessie and Joey had a pretty rough start. Homeless, hungry and sick, they were rescued, fostered and brought to good health by the amazing volunteers at ACR. And like a great Hollywood movie, they found their happy ending in the arms of their forever mom Meagan.

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