Happy Tails: Princess and Bunny

This is a tale of two cats – sisters – with matching fluffy white coats and fat tails, striking eyes and calico markings. Both were born outside in 2007 to a Tomcat father and an abandoned tame mother, who was trapped and adopted out after her kittens were weaned.

One sister, Bunny, found a loving forever home. Princess, who is Bunny’s sister remains outdoors in a downtown colony.

As the story goes, Princess and Bunny were captured for TNR in early 2008. In keeping with protocol, both were placed with caregivers while they recuperated from their surgery. Princess did not take to indoor life and was returned to her colony after recovery. Bunny, however, seemed keen to explore this domesticity thing.

“So I took her in as a foster,” says ACR volunteer Sara Slater. “Both the cats were about eight months old at the time, and it’s rare for cats that have been born outside and lived outside that long to be tame. But Bunny was purring.

Happy Tails Bunny

“I completely fell in love with her, so I adopted her,” Sara says. As for Princess’ contrasting fate, “I guess that’s just what happens. Some cats are meant to go back outside and some cats aren’t. Princess has wonderful feeders; she is fed daily by those taking care of the Kensington Market route. She seems to be doing great.”

Indeed as Kensington route feeder James Beaton confirms, Princess has heaps of personality, albeit best viewed from a distance.


“When I go to feed her, she knows immediately that I am there for her, and she pays close attention as I am getting the food ready. When I give her enough space, she will run up to the dishes. She has this very funny trait: she’ll meow and then hiss. Meow and hiss. It’s her way of expressing happiness at being fed but warning that she needs her space.”

Adds James, “A lot of these cats just can’t live inside. But being able to feed Princess on a daily basis allows us to engage with her and she seems to like it. And we are able to monitor her health. The volunteers are quite coordinated on that point.”

Like people, no two cats are exactly the same despite sharing similar backgrounds and while despite their different outcomes, both cats are a success story.


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