Happy Tails: Thurman and Huxtable

It sounds like hyperbole but by all accounts, it’s absolutely true: anyone who hobnobs with cats Thurman and Huxtable invariably falls madly, deeply, hopelessly in love with them.

Thurman & Huxtable

Just ask their foster Mom Jacqueline Chan, who jokingly describes herself and her husband Leonard Chan as “failed fosters” because they seriously contemplated hanging onto the fetching and oh-so-cuddly grey-and-white pair, who are approximately 18-months old.

Better still, ask forever Mom Leslie Reed, who would doubtless agree Thurman and Hux are not only boundlessly charming but maybe a smidge magical, too. After all, they helped to ease a badly broken heart.

“We lost our cat Marmalade in August 2013. We had him since he was six months old and when he died he was 15. I know some people wait to get another animal after losing one but I wanted to give my love to somebody else,” Reed offers.

“I had been chatting with a friend who had recently adopted from ACR – who actually adopted Huxtable’s brother, Huey – and she told me about Huxtable. As soon as I saw his picture, I fell in love. That was it!

“Shortly thereafter I met Thurman and I fell in love with him also. I mean, why have one cat when you can have two? The night we went to meet the cats, Thurman was all over my husband Jeremy. Huxtable is a pretty shy guy but he let us pet him and we figured he was going to be ours,” Reed says of the highly bonded pair, who were both rescued from colonies.

Thurman & Huxtable

Given that Jacqueline Chan has, by her reckoning, fostered some 100 cats over roughly three years, her affection for Thurman and Huxtable is also noteworthy. Talk about having a frame of reference.

“My husband and I love all the fosters that come through,” Chan chuckles, “but Thurman and Huxtable were probably the first two who really made us seriously wonder if we were going to become ‘foster failures’ and end up adopting them because we just loved those boys.

“Originally Leslie and Jeremy were just looking at Hux but we insisted they meet Thurman because we knew they’d love him, too. We’ve twice driven to Newmarket to visit them over the past year,” Chan adds, revealing that among his many ridiculously adorable traits, Huxtable could often be found curled up and fast asleep in a decorative bowl atop their dining room table.

Thurman, meanwhile, is a “super-cuddly spitfire and built like a little tank. And boy did he worm his way into my husband’s heart by sleeping on his feet,” Chan laughs.

Adds Reed, “We call Huxtable ‘Sir’ – he’s proper and prissy and the prince of the house. And he’s a Momma’s boy through and through. He cuddles with me like there’s no tomorrow. Among strangers, he’s quite reserved. Thurman is the exact opposite. He will eat anything, be petted by anyone.

“Honestly, I talk about these two guys every five seconds. We spoil them like children. But we fully intend to have 15 years with these guys as well,” Reed says. “Maybe even more.”

— Kim Hughes

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