Twice As Nice Promotion!

This month, Annex Cat Rescue is featuring our “2-for-1” Promotion  where you can adopt a pair of fabulous felines for the price of one! Is there any better way to ring in the holidays?!

2 for 1

Beyond the fact adopting two cats makes for double the love, there are plenty of other reasons why it is beneficial to adopt kittens and cats in pairs. Kittens need constant stimulation and a bored cat will often turn to destructive behaviour to entertain themselves. With another kitten in the picture, kittens are less likely to engage in this sort of activity and develop less bad habits.

Having two kittens are better for their social and physical development. Kittens will learn skills in their early years like litter box use and have better emotional development if they are matched with one of their litter-maters or a kitten of the same age. Because of these early interactions paired kittens grow into healthier and better socialized pets.

It is not enough to engage in playful behavior with your own cat, as a human is not a good substitution for one of its own kind. Without another kitten, a cat will mature with bad habits like playing using claws. Kittens also demand more time than any one person will be able to give them.

In addition, an older cat is also not a substitute companion for a young kitten. Kittens have more energy and want to be active for a greater percentage of the time. The cat and kitten will become frustrated with each other, and will never have a close relationship. If purchasing a friend for an older cat is it better to select a cat of a similar age and temperament.

There are a lot of interesting benefits to adopting two cats together:

  • Having two cats will help with pickiness when it comes to food. A cat is more likely to each something that their buddy is eating.
  • They keep each other engaged, and tire each other out. This is especially important when the owner works for long hours and cannot devote time to constantly keeping kittens engaged.
  • Rather than having an isolated pet, adopting two cats will allow for them to grow up as best friends.
  • Kittens will learn from each other, and aid each other with grooming. Kittens learn from copying their mothers and siblings. Having two kittens will aid in the development of both the youngsters.

Adopting two pets does not necessarily make more work, and there’s the benefit less guilt when you have to leave them alone for work. The cats will have the same feeding schedule, and litterboxes have to be cleaned whether there is one cat or two, so there is no increase to the amount of work. As well, having two cats can help teach children the importance of relationships between siblings and animals in general .

Cats, not just kittens, are very social creatures. Having a companion can make them very happy and comfortable.

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— Kaitlyn Uniacke

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