Happy Tails: Greydon

Dapper, steel-grey Greydon is friendly and good-natured, so he was easily approached and petted by the feeders at the Chester colony. A good candidate for domestication, Gredydon stayed briefly in a feeder’s home before Bonnie Cook fostered him.

Greydon and Feral Colony Friends At first, Greydon was very shy. He managed to hide himself in Bonnie’s small apartment for the first two weeks. Bonnie says that Greydon is “ one of the smartest cats I’ve ever known. He had my routine figured out in a day or two and avoided me entirely.”

After taking time to adjust, he started to come out of hiding. Bonnie patiently won him over by playing with him, and got him used to living with humans. After Greydon had been with Bonnie for a year and a half, he was adopted by Carole Paul. Bonnie loved fostering Greydon, “It was hard for me to let him go as he is such a great cat. He is calm and cool and very smart. He liked to sit in my lap and watch TV and loved to be petted. He came such a long way from the cat who hid under my bed for the first two weeks!”

Greydon Inside

When Carole first saw Greydon’s picture, there was just something about him that she liked. Greydon adapted to his new home, and the bond between cat and cat owner developed quickly. Carole kept the name Greydon since he was an older cat and she “felt it would be wrong to change his name. Since he is dark grey the name fit him perfectly!”

Carole is a trombonist, so she wanted to make sure that Greydon wouldn’t be afraid when she practiced in the apartment. “I went to great lengths to introduce him to the horn in a way so that he would not be afraid,” she explains. First she played records, and then she practiced in the bathroom, so that by the time he met the trombone, he was used to the sound of it. In fact, he now enjoys classical music. These days Greydon is a very social cat. He likes visitors, especially Carole’s brother. Carole is very happy to have Greydon, “He settled in and has become a great pet.”
Happy Tails Greydon

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