Happy Tails: Jake

Meet Jake, a sensitive guy with soulful eyes and jet-black fur, who loves people, purring, and his adoptive home’s dog. Described by those who know him as “affectionate,” “quirky,” and “chill,” this cool cat will melt your heart in no time.

“We’re pretty much equally in love with each other.” admits adoptive dad, Shane Camastro. “I don’t really consider him a pet as much as a friend.”

jake cuddling and with dog

Foster dad, Jeff Moon, agrees. “Of the eight or nine kittens we’ve had, Jake really made an impression. He was really snugly. He’s a purr-machine.”

Jake joined Annex Cat Rescue as a kitten, after he was discovered hiding under a staircase in Kensington Market, suffering from an eye infection. However, despite his difficult beginnings, he is incredibly friendly and adores people.

“We fostered him about a year and a half ago,” Moon confirms. “He immediately clung to people. He was immediately sociable.”

Although Jake’s sweet temperament should make him more adoptable, black cats are at a major disadvantage when it comes to adoption. The B.C. SPCA estimates that it takes about 24 percent longer for them to be adopted, making up a third of cats in their shelters.

Luckily, he was exactly what Shane Camastro was looking for: a cat facing challenges finding a home.

“I contacted the organization about adopting an older cat but they told me black cats were more vulnerable, and I wanted to adopt a more vulnerable cat,” explains adoptive dad, Camastro. “I got him when he was five or six months old.”

Camastro was smitten. “He would crawl into bed and purr and lick my face until I’d wake up.” laughs Camastro. “He thinks he owns everything. He’s on the table right now, rubbing his face against me.”

However, his dog was not impressed. “The first five months were awful because the dog wasn’t acclimatized to other animals.”

Fortunately, cat-dog relations have improved considerably. “Now they get along great – kissing each other, cleaning each other – sometimes Jake will bite his neck and hug him, and the dog will be walking down the hall with Jake hanging from his neck.”

For Camastro, Jake’s personality really stands out. “He’s pretty quirky.”

“He doesn’t meow, he murmurs. I’ll be like ‘what are you doing?’ I’ve had a lot of cats in my life, but never one like that.”

Foster dad, Moon, fondly recalls another of Jakes quirks: “lounging” on the couch, sitting with legs out like a person.

Jake as a kitten

As to the benefits of fostering, “It’s someone to come home to who wouldn’t normally have a home,” explains Moon. ”For me, it’s not an 18 year commitment. We have probably had a dozen cats and each cat is really different.”

And on the decision to adopt, Camastro says it’s been really positive, pointing out that Jake plays a major role in his life.

“He’s my best friend.”

— Selena Panchoo

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